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D&D 5E Dragon+ Wild Beyond the Witchlight Issue 39

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Urriak Uruk

Debate fuels my Fire
Not too much new here (there rarely is in Dragon+), but the Adam Lee/Max Dunbar NPC creator has spat out another winner. Dakkon is from issue 38.

These are all big villains from old, pre-Mending Magic the Gathering. They are all higher than CR 20, and were villains in the original D&D campaigns of the founder of Wizard of the Coast. Those same campaigns were big influences on the first stories/worlds made for MTG, especially Dominaria.

Anyway, if you're running games in Ravnica, Theros, or Strixhaven, any of these three would make an incredible over-arching villain. Especially Dakkon, who is not only a Planeswalker himself, but was never actually confirmed dead in MTG lore!


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