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D&D 5E Dragonlance Nexus Posts Tasslehoff's Pouches of Everything

The Dragonlance Nexus -- the fan site for all things Dragonlance -- has created a free 94-page PDF detailing the Dragonlance setting for D&D 5th Edition. The PDF includes races, organizations, equipment, gods, magic, monsters, geography, a timeline, and more.


Tasslehoff’s Pouches of Everything is your one-stop shop for all things Dragonlance and Krynn for D&D 5th Edition. During our journey through the people, organizations, monsters and magic of Ansalon, Uncle Tas will be your guide. Tas’ life is easily one of the most storied of anyone from Krynn. He has traveled through time and space, and done things that defy even the wildest of kender tales. That’s why we’ve recruited him to give us insight about every aspect of the world we love!

Tasslehoff's Pouches of Everything is a continuation of the mission of the Ennie Award-winning Dragonlance Nexus - to keep Dragonlance alive (including in gaming) and to celebrate the best of fandom.

So please have a look, and keep watching the Dragonlance Nexus for more new content for Dragonlance in 5th edition.

Long live the Lance!
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