Dragonlance [Dragonlance] Raistlin vs. Takhisis? How?


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Wasn't there also something about the other gods coming to Raistlin's aid if Takhisis physically manifested on Krynn?

This is the key.

In the last chapters of Test of the Twins, it's made clear that when Raistlin enters the Abyss to challenge Takhisis, he doesn't actually fight her, but rather he fights her (unspecified) minions. I don't have my books with me at the moment, but I recall a line to the effect of "he'd beaten her best," being used.

At that point in the books, Raistlin is fleeing back to the portal to Krynn, and Takhisis is in pursuit. He notes "Takhisis manifesting on Krynn would bring down the wrath of the heavens on her," and something to the effect that at that point "this time he would be the one directing the forces of the cosmos against her." In other words, Raistlin would take advantage of the fact that the other gods would retaliate against Takhisis entering Krynn (apparently getting himself made into a sort of field general in directing their efforts against her, and thereby paving the way for his gaining godly powers himself).

EDIT: I also seem to recall Dragonlance Adventures having language stating that the level 18 cap wasn't a total absolute, and that exceptional characters could surpass it (or was that in Tales of the Lance? I get them mixed up sometimes).

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2 things:
1) There is a situation that allows Raistlin to confront Takhisis as, basically, her avatar or else the other gods intervene.
2) You seem to have forgotten what a 20th level ADnD wizard can do with essentially infinite resources and time to plan. With time stop, both forms of contingencies, wards, glyphs, and wishes all intertwined it becomes more a matter of resources and preparation than power. I think its fair to say that Raistlin spending millennia preparing and gathering resources that wouldn't be an issue for him to create a situation that would be able to eliminate Takhisis's avatar.

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