Paizo Druids: Do you allow yourselves to be ridden?


My fellow druids! I find it is a slippery slope down the path to animal indignity. When wildshaped, it's all too common for my party members to treat me like a dumb beast. I want to be a team player and help pull the cart, but where should I put my hoof down?

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One of the better visuals I've ever gotten from DMing was the Gnome wizard riding the Druid (in Bear form), doing a cavalry charge up the hill at some monsters.


Well, if the Druid Player does not like it, if they worship a deity over druids, I'd imagine the deity may be unhappy as well. Nothing like an upset Solar against the party member that offended the Druid to make life interesting for the offending party.

Or maybe, as it is more a nature deity, it will be a pack of unhappy wolves with only one thing on their mind...revenge on the offending PC who tormented the Druid.


All humor aside, only when necessary. Like if a companion needs help climbing out of a pit or if I can fly to ferry people across. It's just another application of magic in that case.
But I wouldn't serve as a regular mount. Unless I was taken out for dinner first.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
Hasn't come up in my campaigns because nobody wants to take the time to put a saddle &c on the wildshaped Druid in Giant Spider form when it could be up on the ceiling attacking the enemies. Plus, a 10' dungeon ceiling does not play nice with riding on top of something Large-size.

Full disclosure: in a D&D campaign; don't know what animal forms are available in either PF rules.

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