DT's Saga of the Dragon Cult (Standing Stones)

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
"Mmmm. scouting. Silence. And aim."

He rubs his chin thoughtfully.

"Well, first of all I know of a spell that helps you with balance and stealth. I use it a lot as late, but that is two orders of magnitude of difficulty. Lets start you with the basics."

[sblock=captured spellbook]
acid splash, flare, mage hand, read magic, resistance, mage armor, magic missile, shield, and true strike.

"There are a couple here in this book we found that would work to help you with protection and aim but there is nothing here with making it easier to scout, per se" He thumbs to the last two pages written in in the book and humms some more.

"We need to do some basics of advanced magic mathematics. We also need to work on concentration as well, especially during combat conditions"

He takes a stick and draws something in the dirt, "Here, solve for 'X' "

quadratic 001.png

and then solve for '0' on this one:

0 = 2y' +x(y^2-1) =

(1- ce(^-x(^2/2))^2)
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Rosalia raised one eyebrow at John's formula. She shook her shoulders and replied:"No, I know how to count my silver when I need to and that's enough for me..

I don't want to become a wizard but was thinking maybe that mimicking some of your gestuals and reading the symbols on a parchment could give me some way to trigger the spell.."

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
"Ah . . . There lies in the problem. There are only two ways to do what you are suggesting. "

"With wizardry, we learned such formulae as I show here" At which point he gestures to the letters and numbers in the dirt, "Which this is the very basic of beginnings of a field of study where in you learn or rather memorize each spell after a good rest and mental clearing of the mind so as to harness the mysteries of the universe."

"The second way is much more intuitive, Scorcery. which is another subject all together. Unless you are talking about using force of will on an object to make it work for you, such as a scroll?"


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Rosalia - Sleek human female Rogue 5

"Yes the latter.." she remarked.

If all are ready to go, she'll march them on towards their new destination.


"I need none of this gear," says Roque simply. He nods and rubs his chin thoughtfully as the discussion turns to magic and mathematics. The simple farmer turned soldier has never seen the like and decides not to announce his ignorance.

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