Level Up (A5E) Dungeon Delver’s Guide: The Mycelial and the Ratling

Dungeon Delver's Guide is a handbook for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition (A5E) Narrators and original 5E (O5E) GMs who want to run dungeon adventures. It contains dungeon creation techniques, new subterranean monsters, oodles of traps, and so on.

That's just the half of it though.

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It's also a sourcebook for characters from these subterranean realms. Dungeon Delver's Guide has new class archetypes and backgrounds, dungeon-themed spells, and weapons and armor that will help your characters battle the dungeon's denizens, such as shadow elf dark armor, oils that wreathe a weapon in necrotic flame, and the living, wrist-mounted parasite launchers of the aboleth.

And of course, it has new heritages and races, so you can play as a dungeon denizen yourself. These are the options I want to showcase today.


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OK serious question/comment time. Rat Swarm seems to be a bit weak to me. Advantage is good, but it's relatively easy to get on attack rolls and setting it as only once per rest seems lackluster.


I understand the reasoning behind putting o5e and A5e versions in the book, but I really wish it wasn't a business necessity. I see the o5e versions as a waste of valuable page count. Level Up's heritage system is so much better than WotC's; I hope you guys don't give up on it.
I agree. What I would have done is given only the A5e version, and then had a sidebar that explained how to adapt A5e to o5e style, rather than have two separate versions. Especially since A5e is supposed to be backwards compatible, which should mean that you don't need to have separate versions.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I hope you guys don't give up on it.
Not a chance. We’re just including a short appendix with O5E versions of the races because we think it would be a terrible shame if those folks missed the other 99% of the book which is the most amazing dungeon-based material ever, all for the sake a few pages. An O5E race only takes up about half a page, if that (lore aside).

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