"Dust" and "Midway" - Codenames for Upcoming D&D Hardcovers

Tales from the Yawning Portal was codenamed Labyrinth. Curse of Strahd was Cloak, and Storm King's Thunder was Dagger (or vice versa). Now two new codenames have emerged, spotted by EN World member kettite. Dust is dated 19 Sep 2017, hardcover, $49.95, and Midway is dated 21 Nov 2017, hardcover, $49.95. These have both appeared over on edelweiss' catalog. They do not match the four unnamed RPG Accessories on Amazon. Engage speculation mode - two new hardcovers later this year!

Typically the September release has been an adventure, and the November release a rules book (Sword Coast Adventurers Guide; Volo's Guide to Monsters). WotC has been hinting at a "major rules expansion" for a while now.

My guess? Take it with a massive truckload of salt, but I'm going to guess that Dust is fey or fey wild related. Possible the thing Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward helped with. But it really is a wild guess.

Wizards RPG Team
On Sale Date: 19 September 2017
9780786966103, 0786966106
$49.95 USD, $63.95 CAD

Wizards RPG Team
On Sale Date: 21 November 2017
9780786966110, 0786966114
$49.95 USD, $63.95 CAD

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Well, Dust is obviously a Dark Sun adventure (but set in Zakhara!). I mean, they need to use that psionics stuff somewhere, right?

And Midway is most likely a pirate adventure set along the Sword Coast. Arrrr!


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OK - that's interesting!

My guesses

Dust: A new adventure? Fey as is in faerie dust? Or Dark Sun as in dusty desert?

Midway: the rules update. 5.5 is midway between 5 & 6 (though would they really pondering a 6th edition already?! - if it ain't broke don't fix it!)

Edit: had dust on the brain!
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"Labyrinth" name was related to Dungeons.
Dust could be related to sand?, desert? Maybe Darksun 5e with the Psionic rules? A new adventure set in the Anauroch or Zakhara? The lattest is less probable. I say this will be a Darksun adventure

Midway is obviously the next lore book.


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Dust to dust. Undead adventure. Well, I really think desert, but wanted to be different

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Dust will be a return to the Desert of Desolation or Dark Sun

Midway- "phb2"..halfway point to the next edition.


My guesses?

Dust: Undermountain and the Return of Halaster Blackcloak! DUSTing off a classic villain and adventure.

Midway: Unearthed Arcana (Hardcover) with new player options and some DM options (traps, mass combat rules, etc.)

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