Dying Earth DCC GenCon Tournament by Goodman Games


I crit!
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At GenCon Goodman Games runs a tournament that's both wild and fun. This year will probably be no different. If you're going to GenCon I hope I see you there!

This year our DCC Team Tournament will be set in Jack Vance’s ancient future world of the Dying Earth; a whole new world of gaming for Dungeon Crawl Classics featuring new classes, spells, patrons, even a new mechanic in the form of Grudges. Our newly-released DCC Dying Earth Boxed Set has everything in it a group needs to transport their DCC games into the weird far-future of the 21st Aeon — and with 9 new modules already in the DCC Dying Earth line, you won’t run out of adventures any time soon!

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ope, thanks.

Fixed the links.
Well, confusingly, they're evidently ALSO running a new 0-level funnel called The Forsaken Vault of the Crimson Oracle, written by Brendan LaSalle. I volunteered at the Goodman booth last year, and they talked about how every year they're just getting bigger and bigger - I guess this all is some good evidence of that.


Announcing Our Gen Con DCC Funnel Adventure: The Forsaken Vault of the Crimson Oracle|Goodman Games

The formerly quiet village of West Mauldeen is destroyed by a wizard that bursts through the earth and leaps to the moon. Now, the surviving villagers must claw their way up from the darkest fate and into the light. The courageous peasants must face unimaginable horrors and seek the council of the wisest of immortals if they hope to learn the secrets of the forsaken vault of the Crimson Oracle. This is a funnel adventure designed for play in 3 hours, making it ideal for short convention slots.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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