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D&D 5E Eberron: Eldeen Reaches resources?


Hi all,

I've been slowly chipping away at doing my own 5e conversion of that old chestnut, Red Hand of Doom. I had been trying to come up with my own homebrew world to set it in, but lately I've been considering using the Eberron setting instead. I like the sound of the Eldeen Reaches the best, and because some of my players have played through RHOD before, I thought I could switch things up a bit and use the rakshasa Mordakhesh and his evil overlord boss, Rak Tulkhesh, as the main BBEGs, with hordes out of the Demon Wastes in place of the goblinoid army.

Rather than try to shoehorn Elsir Vale onto the Eberron map, I'll just rework it with the existing layout of the Eldeen Reaches.

All that being said, there's not a lot on the Eldeen Reaches in the 5e Eberron setting book. Does anyone know if any of the older edition books go into more detail on the locations and inhabitants of that area? Failing that, maybe some blog posts on Keith Baker's website or some Dragon mag articles or something?

Thanks in advance!

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Hawk Diesel

Exploring Eberron is a DMsGuild 5e source book written by Keith Baker that expands on the official Rising from the Last War.

However, I still use the 3e source books for lore. In addition to the core Eberron Campaign Setting book, there's also the Player's Guide to Eberron and the Explorer's Handbook. Those will be the best places to find info specific to the Eldeen Reaches.

You may find some additional info and lore in the 4e resources, but in general the primary differences I've notice between those editions is more use of the feywild and inclusion of more races (like dragonborn) into the setting.

The most exhaustive compiled resource I've found for Eberron is here: https://www.google.com/url?q=http://bookdork.pbworks.com/f/The+Grand+History+of+Eberron+-+June+2009.pdf&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwi7key70oz3AhUJac0KHVwhAZ8QFnoECAQQAg&usg=AOvVaw2SdZv44FmNono5T52X1v_p

It provides a lot of history, but isn't really specific to the Eldeen Reaches.


This is a great summary of keith's articles, there is stuff about the reaches and about the religions and facitons sprinkled in...


@pukunui For what it's worth, Keith Baker just did a big blog post on the Eldeen Reaches today. Mostly historical/political stuff, but might be useful.


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