D&D 5E Eberron: Spelljamming



Keith Baker has just put out a very awesome blog post describing the nature of Spelljammer in Eberron. And a lot of the stuff on there is extremely cool. Also, Eberron's wildespace system is known as, wait for it....................... Siberspace. (I get the joke and love it despite how corny/punny it is.)

Honestly though, lots of good stuff.

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Von Corellon

This is one of Keith‘s top posts!
I’ve been working on Shogun Warforged, warforged colossi based on the 1970s Shogun Warriors toys. Keith set the stage for this in “Exploring Eberron” and RftLW.
But now, it may just be Spelljamming Warforged.


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Glory to Ka!
I'm actually kind of concerned about a number of the bad guys from Eberron escaping into the Multiverse.

Imagine the Quori (?) getting to play Go'auld in powder kegs like Krynn where no one has any idea they exist.
The gods of Krynn promptly obliterate the Quori.

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