EB's Adventuring in the Days of Yore - Tyranny of Dragons - IC

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Tyrial made his way to where the others were hard at work bickering and moving crates.
"Well, this *is* an eclectic assortment of individuals. I am Tyrial Nashivaar of Amn. I am going to assume that you all are the others crazy enough to volunteer? If so, Well met! And apologies for my tardiness."

OOC: Sorry in real life for my lateness to the thread. There was a hot minute there when I thought I was unemployed. Kind of distracted me. ;)

"Glad to have you aboard, Tyrial. Tina's my name," Tina says as she continues to grab the heavier boxes and move them. "Ah, I think we've reached the door. They really didn't want anyone coming in this way. We should be extra careful that we aren't spotted when we come out into the open by the stream."


The discoloration between the wall and door helps the group find it after the crates have all been moved aside. It creaks open stiffly as it has not been opened in years. The hidden hinges grind and seem loud in the small quiet area. but soon the door is opened enough to look down the tunnel.


The smell sends those closest to the door reeling back to get away from the foulness of the stench. The dwarf had warned you ahead of time, but this is ten times worse than you feared. When you can look down the tunnel once more you see a small circle with an iron grate at the end of the tunnel the moonlight glinting of the old metal.

OOC: Actually that is the view from the creek back towards the room lol. And a wizard and his light spell on the far end.
Tunnel is almost 200' long.

Marching order please.


Tyrial took out a kerchief and held it under his nose. "By Waukeen's Golden Cloak! What a Stench!" He then wrapped the dainty cloth around his face like some comical imitation of a brigand and readied his shield and weapon.
The cleric said a quick prayer under his breath and took his place behind Tina. "I'm ready."

Deuce Traveler

Rumdum says, "Tina, let me go first, at least through the tunnel. If I spot anything odd, I have a better chance to note if it's connected to a trap. If there is something ahead of us, you can fire over me. If you are up front, and I behind you, I would have a much harder time getting around you to attack."

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