EB's Adventuring in the Days of Yore - Tyranny of Dragons - IC


First Post
"Listen to her everyone, Lord Nighthill wishes to protect his people and he sent us to save you. But you must hurry." After adding his two cents, Filmark sees that Tina seems to be handling things in the church and steps back to his post to prepare for the enemy patrol.

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OOC: Quick head count is little over a dozen.

Eadyan rubs his chin in thought before nodding. "I guess sending the tower guard to save the church was impossible," his voice sighing as he thinks of the loss of the church to the bandits. "I will help you get the people out."

With that he helps the farm couple to their feet, "Time to go, Hamish. Follow these people out the back."

Filmark is at the corner once more, and he sees the shadowy forms of the cultist as the stay at the front watching the battering ram. But of the patrol there is no sign.

Rumdum's fears are realized when the kobold finally gets a flame going and he lights one of the torches. He plants it into the ground and picks up one of the others and sets the head to the flame to light it. Its shoulders shake and he sees a feral grin as it begins to laugh.

William and Sebastian are shocked to see an old couple, dressed in farming clothes emerge from the smoky garden. They help them through the hole, but as of yet are unsure as to what to do with them.


OOC: Battering Ram [roll0] Door 10/30 HP

OOC: Can you post the map showing the area between the keep and the church to the RG so we can easily find it?

EDIT or I could find it https://www.enworld.org/index.php?posts/7421770/

"When you get through the fence, tell someone there I said to start leading you back to the keep along the stream. Stay close to the bushes for cover." Tina says regretfully. She doesn't know what a telephone is but still a sense of dread regarding one fills her chest.

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OOC: To confirm, does Rumdum see the kobold try to attempt to light torches, or did the kobold light a torch and is now trying to set fire to some sort of package?

OOC: I think we're waiting on EB as there's nothing for us to do but react to the civilians fleeing the church. Perhaps he's waiting on William and Sebastian to react to the villagers appearing out of the smoke? I'm disappointed that apparently only 2 of the 20 villagers have reached the fence. They should be running out of the church en masse.

"Okay, people, let's move it." Tina says as softly and as extremely urgently as she can. "That door is falling apart any second now. Get off your arses and get moving."

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OOC: Rumdum is going to hold off taking a shot at the kobold. The folks should be all moving anyway, and a flaming torch or three isn't going to change anything. If it was something explosive, he'd take the risk.



William looks at the old couple that just made it across the church yard. "Surely there are more of you? How many were holed up in the church?" he asks them, then says into the air, "What's taking them so long?"


images (4).jpg

The cloudless night sky is wrought with stars and a half-moon that has helped the church refugees navigate the tangle of brush and roots without much difficulty. William and Filmark stand watch near the old tunnel entrance as the refugees file past them.

Above the trees a false dawn blooms as the church fire rages out of control. Everyone escaped unharmed before the doors burst in and the looting began. It was the greed of the cultist that led to them not pursing the group or their charges, and then it was the mischievous kobold who stopped even the looting as he tossed lit torch after lit torch through stained glass windows.

Eadyan was with Terry and Tyrial at the rear of the small group, still in the trees, trying to explain that it was the dragon that had most of his congregation to frightened to run from the believed safety of their temple. The high cleric was solemn and quiet as they moved until he thought he needed to justify the slowness at their departure. "With the dragon in the air and the bandits unable to get in, we held fast to Chauntea's protection. We prayed and the doors held as they banged against them with weapon or fist. But then the chopped down our orchard's only apple tree and used it against our very own doors. How ironic a story that will make."

Rumdum was leading the church-goers through the tunnel leaving Sebastian and Xull'avin to patrol the flanks. After the last of the refugees was inside and headed to the safety of the keep the bleached gnome came down from his lookout spot to report no cultist or kobolds looking for them, and no sign of the drow Xull'avin, who seemed to had wondered off in the confusion of moving bodies.

Looking back the group can just see the church on the hill, and circling it the blue dragon. They had somehow managed to get the people out of there, but this long night was just starting.

OOC: XP time.
Sanctuary: 80xp to each character (88 if you get a 10% bonus)

"I'm going to find Lord Nighthill and see if anything has changed here in the keep," Tina says to the group once the villagers are safely in the keep. "When you are sure we haven't been followed, be sure to put all that furniture back in front of the door. I'll help once I see the lord."


The courtyard is crowded with the added people from the church and Tina moves as quickly as she can to the walls, but instead of finding Lord Nighthill she finds the dwarven castellan Escobert.

dwarf.jpg "So ye made it back in one piece lass," the dwarf rumbles in greeting. "I was wrong about you and your troupe, ye are no mercenaries after all, but true heroes huh?"

Rumdum finds his familiar barrel to rest his weary legs and clean his poor feet from a second trip through the sewers. As he clears the muck he notices the red scraps and cuts, as well as a bruise around his ankle from the sharp teeth and claws of the giant rats.

Eadyan.jpg "Well that doesn't look good," Father Eadyan says passing by. "Here little one, let me help you there." And before the halfling can say anything a soft glow surrounds the cleric's hands and he touches Rumdum's injured feet. Warmth spreads from his heels to his toes and when the light is gone his feet feel much better.

OOC: cure light wounds on Rumdum, [roll1d8[/roll] opps 1d8=8


From the corner of the courtyard (near the door to the cellar and old tunnel), Sebastian, Filmark, Tyrial, and William watch as the refuges from the church are greeted by those people who fled to the keep for safety. There is a lot of hugging and crying as people are reunited, and then suddenly an old man comes up and wishes to shake the hands of the "brave heroes" who saved his daughter.

Then a woman with a basket of breads and a bottle of wine, gives it over to the stunned warriors saying it is the least she could do for them, what them saving her young nephew from the fire and all. She doesn't take no for an answer and offers to bake them some fresh bread as soon as she can.

Over and over people come up to the men offering their thanks and telling them they owe them a proper meal should they stop over for dinner, or they'll buy them a round as soon as the troubles are over, and the tavern reopens. All thoughts of the terrible ordeal outside subside for a few brief moments.

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"Thank you, father," Rumdum says to Father Eadyan. "It was a near thing and I'm glad to have been done with it. Now for an ale and rest before we figure our next move."

Rumdum happily accepts the wine and bread, it tasting even better than he remembers such good fare should test. After having his fill, he approaches his fellow adventurers and says, "We got the people out of immediate danger, but we're still not completely safe. Let's get some quick rest, then head over to HQ so we can find out our next move."

"Thank you, Escobert," Tina says. "We'll need somewhere to rest. Can you arrange that? I'm heading back down to the group." She heads back to the group.

"That sounds like a good idea, Rumdum. I just asked Escobert to find us a place to rest." She thanks the townsfolk for their generosity.


First Post
Filmark thanks the villagers and hugs and laughs with those he knows. He takes a bite of the provisions and listens to Tina and Rumdum.

"Usually, the barracks has extra space, but, with all these additional guests, I do not know what Lord Underhill has prepared."

Filmark then looks toward the gate. "I wonder if the raiders will dare to try something tonight."


First Post
Tyrial takes the food and drink graciously and takes some small bites, before stowing it for "later" then gives the food away to some hungry looking folk when he thinks no one is looking.


Sebastian Tenpennies, Gnome Illusionist 1 /Assassin 1

Sebatian is quietly grateful that no one else here can tell when a kobold is blushing, because he feels singularly unworthy of the accolades of the people due to his late arrival and small contribution. Nevertheless, he goes along with his new companions and tries to show humble gratitude to the people.


"DRAGON! DRAGON!" comes a cry from the bowmen on the parapet.


People around the group start to look around eyes going wide. And then the huge blue form of the dragon lands atop the roof of the keep, and chaos erupts in the courtyard. People scream and start to scramble away in all manner of different directions. A funny feeling fills your guts and your stare rooted in place as the beast raises it jaws and lightning starts to crackle around its teeth.


Thunder explodes in your ears as its breath weapon cascades down the walk hitting several of the bowmen who were lining up to fire.

OOC: Before round 1 actions I need a save vs magic from everyone (at a +5 due to the dragon's age), also roll a d100 as you have a 50/50 chance to either be effected by fear(01-50) or panic (51-100), neither being good.

dragon attack_01.jpg[/sblock]

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