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OOC: from hole to western corner is around 45 feet

Filmark takes his sword and makes sure the kobolds and cultist will never wake from their sleep. As he does this Tyrail moves the bodies to a small cornerstone of the wall covering the smaller kobolds with the larger human bodies. Then he makes his way to the back door, pounding (softly) to be let in.

"EH? Good try, everyone knows Lord Nighthill rules here. If you are a guardsman, what is the name of the castellan what lives up in the keep?" a gruff male voice asks through the doorway.

Rumdum moves as quiet as a mouse to watch the western corner, and luckily for him the high fence and smoke hide him as well. Through a knot hole the halfling watches the side of the church and can just see men with torches at the front cheering on the battering ram. Then he sees a curious sight. A kobold with what looks like an arm-full of wood makes his way to the side of the building. He drops the thin logs and then kneels over them. RUmdum watches as the creature strikes two stones together creating small sparks. Every now and again the kobold looks to the long stain glass windows of the church.

Tina works on another board, trying to make it lose enough to pull free easily, but still wishing it to look like it is in place. As William and Sebastian keep watch. She looks once more through her hole and then curses. She can't see Filmark or Tyrial through the smoky haze, so that means if people starting coming out the backdoor, they won't be able to see the hole she made.

*Crunch* *Crack*

"HUZZAH!" the host cries out as the battering ram does its work.

OOC: DMG: [roll0] Door HP 18/30

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"I guess there's no point in hiding the hole if we can barely see the church from here," Tina says as she just rips the boards off. "Where is all that smoke coming from?"


Filmark is relieved to her a latch and then the door swings open a crack. An old man in plain clothes looks out with only one eye, "You need to help us, they are breaking through the front doors!" he exclaims.

OOC: Kobolds set the church garden on fire. Or tried, it is smoldering something awful.

Tina asks, "Do either of you have a rope? Tie one end to a sturdy tree. Once the hole is wide enough, I want to run that rope into the church so the civs will be able to find the hole in the fence through all that smoke."

OOC: When the hole is large enough for a person to move through without impediment, she will dash through with the rope that is already tied to a tree, hopefully.


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Filmark turns back toward Tyrial,"Tyrial, I believe we must change our strategy. Instead of moving those corpses, stand about 20 feet from the the hole in the fence. I will have the villagers run in a line toward you. Direct them toward the hole and Tina can direct them from there. We do not have time to hide the bodies and continue with caution. They are already beginning to break through the front door." Filmark turns back to the church to speak with the man at the door. "Sir, we must evacuate quickly. You seem like someone with a good head on your shoulders and I will entrust you to orchestrate this plan. Starting with children, women, and anyone injured, start a line running from this door to my friend Tyrial over near the fence. He will direct them to an escape hole in the fence where our comrades are waiting. Anyone who is able-bodied and able to fight should leave last and may have to help us defend the evacuation line from the church. Let everyone know the plan and get them started. Then come back to me once you are ready as I have a few questions. But for now, get everyone moving, our time is fading fast" Filmark draws his sword and readies his shield. He steps out about 10 feet from the church and takes a position facing the way the patrol should come around the church. (I hope the villagers move quickly. This could get messy...) he thinks to himself.

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OOC: I'm in a bind. The kobold is up to no good, but I'd like to sling a stone at him right as he's trying to light whatever he's lighting, then escape in the confusion. If I miss, you guys are in trouble. If I shoot and shout a warning, I'm in trouble with my short little halfling legs, and I could be bringing trouble to you on your flank.

OOC: The frontal assault on the church will killl the townsfolk long before the church actually catches fire. The enemy forces will probably burn the church whether they find townsfolk inside or not. So killing the kobold to save the church structure is futile. Killing the kobold to save the townsfolk is ignoring that they only have a few rounds left to live anyway if they don't pour out of the church en masse soon.

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OOC: Rumdum is staying still. He still hasn't been noticed, but cannot attack without possibly enabling ourenemies to come at you en masse via a flank. So far they haven't looked to be coming around the fence.


Tina finds a length of rope and gives it to William to hold as she moves quickly into the smoky garden. She sees Tyrial finishing to hide the bodies of the dead cultist. (Is he looting them btw?) And the open door of the church. Frantically looking around she notices Filmark at the corner of the church watching for the return of the kobold patrol.

The end of the rope in her hand, she doesn't see many places to tie it off, except maybe through the torch scone near the back door. As she does so she notices no one is coming out the open door.

Rumdum watches the kobold who can't get the torches he was carrying lit. The halfling holds his breath knowing that there will be chaos once he strikes a flame.


The cultist continue to work on the doors in at the front.

OOC: DMG [roll0] Door: 16/30 HP

OOC: How many people does she see?

In a low growl, Tina looks the nearest civilian right in the face and points at the door. "Get up and get moving. NOW!" She manages to say without actually raising her voice too loudly. "All of you, up! now!"


Filmark arrives at the doorway and sees Tin just inside scolding an old farm couple huddled together on the floor near the door. The woman has her head buried in the man's chest crying as and the guardsman hears him as he speaks to the female warrior. "Go...go out there?" his voice says cracking a bit. "They will catch us for sure." With that the woman whimpers a bit louder.

Before Tina can totally lose her cool, Filmark sees the man he spoke to at the doorway come around the bend in the corridor with a rather large man in priestly robes following him.

Eadyan.jpg "Ah! Welcome our rescuers," he says with a genuine grin. "We a grateful for your timely arrival. I am Eadyan, the high priest here, how may I serve."

OOC: He seems very calm in the face of impending death. But he is a cleric maybe he knows something. LOL

OOC: still want to know how many people are in the church

"Sir," Tina says to the farmer. "They didn't get us. They won't get you." To the priest she says, "You can help by getting everyone in here to follow that rope through the hole in the fence and follow my friends outside to the keep. We only have a short amount of time to get this done. That door --" she point at the splintering front door "-- will not hold for long and they are also setting fire to the building. Dying here is a certainty. Living requires getting out that door."

She starts tying off the rope to a nearby sconce. "Just follow the rope. There's smoke out there. The rope will ensure you don't make a wrong turn."

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