5E EB's Ravenloft Tours 2017/2018 OOC (FULL)


Looks like the characters are coming along which is god I think I have 7 more days till it is time to light this candle.

Until then use this for any build discussions/questions.

I will bringing the party together through The Mist so don't worry about knowing each other unless you wish that to be a part of your backgrounds. Also I will be running this true to the book this first time through, I found an errata so that should help, but if there is something that doesn't fit/work I will have to just adjust it for the next time, so sorry you all are my firsts rats setting out through this maze and I have no ideal how things will go. Hoping there is fun at the end though.

Party so far:
@Otaxx - undecided (possible meatshield)
@hero4hire - Digger; human male, Blood Hunter
@Charwoman Gene - Irena; human female, Rogue
@tglassy - Josiah Jones; human male, Gunslinger
@industrygothica - Halo; dwarf female, Cleric

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I'm definitely going to go cleric, be it the orc or something else. I may switch to a life cleric just for the extra heals. Probably a dwarf, because dwarf.



Sounds like fun just don't make her Charisma to high or you will have half the town after her. And I don't just mean the zombies, LOL.

Will hopefully finish and post up the characters that are done tomorrow morning. ANyone not yet in the RG please shot for SUN if you can, if not we may start with the characters half way finished to start.

Game will be 1 real life year, then Strahd will tire of toying with you. So I will do my best to move it along for that reason.

Charwoman Gene

Let's not bicker and argue over definitions and characteristics of male and female, fantasy races or otherwise. I spend enough time worrying about that in real life. ;-)

Charwoman Gene

tglassy, Am I stepping on Josiah's toes too much also taking expertise in perception? Irena's reformed thief turned investigator shtick just calls for it. Gotta love a 22 Passive perception. (Observant feat)


No, it frees me up to take it in Insight or Survival. Either he can spot supernatural creatures when he meets them, or he can track them. I'll think about it.

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