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PF1E EB's RoleMaster Game: Second Darkness Adventure Path - IC


First Post
Second Darkness
by various authors
see below
sky is falling.jpg

It has happened before. A star from the heavens lances down upon an unsuspecting world, devastating and destroying in a storm of fire and ash, making oceans from mountains and graveyards from nations. Today, this event is remembered not for its violent destruction, but for the thousand years of darkness it created—darkness both metaphorical in the descent to barbarisim and physical in the blotting out of the sun from the smoke and ash that blanketed Golarion. It was the end of the Azlanti race, yet it was the genesis of another. For as the proud Azlant fell, new eyes devoid of color and kindness opened in the deep caverns of the Darklands. And as this new race prospered deep below, its number swelling in secret, the seeds for a Second Darkness took root.

And thus we are set on our path...

Part 1: Shadow in the Sky, by Greg A. Vaughan
Part 2: Children of the Void, by Mike McArtor
Part 3: The Armageddon Echo, by Jason Bulmahn
Part 4: Endless Night, by F. Wesley Schneider
Part 5: A Memory of Darkness, by J.D. Wiker
Part 6: Descent into Midnight, by Brian Cortijo

Jerrod - human alchemist - player: hero4hire
Finn - human magnus - player: Yavathol
Gunther - human fighter - player: jonathonhawke


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First Post
It is a couple hours before dusk, a couple hours before the grand tournament being held at the Golden Goblin Gambling Hall. And the place is crowded, you have made your way in past the ten foot statue of the places name sake, and were greeted at the front door.


Just inside the main doors, two sultry beauties scantily clad and wearing faux bat wings, devil horns, and tails play the part of alluring succubi. Both are employees of the Gold Goblin, and they cheerfully register contestants for the tournament and process entry fees. Armed guards stand nearby to either side of an immense treasure chest into which each patron’s entry fee is added. The guards are on hand to not only protect the money, but to prevent any overzealous admirers from trying to dare the infamous touch of a succubus.

Beyond the registration table is the hall’s game floor. Dozens of gamblers, waitresses dressed as succubi, and bouncers mill about the room, wandering amid tables offering various games while dealers shuffle cards, roll dice, and spin wheels. Moving through this throng are a dozen more of the barely clad, batwinged vixens serving drinks and batting coal-black eyelashes flirtatiously for tips. In the center of the chamber is a short podium atop which sits a massive gold chest affixed to the floor by similarly gaudy chains. On either side of it stands a barechested bouncer in the exotic garb of some foreign sultan’s court. Each stands with muscled arms crossed over his chest and with a naked scimitar of prodigious size tucked through his waistband. High above them, from the hall’s cloth-draped ceiling, hangs a brass birdcage within which crouches a small, bat-winged, pointy-tailed devilish creature that sulks as it gazes over the room and occasionally rattles the bars threateningly.

golden goblin_3.jpg

Although the tournament hasn't started yet, there is plenty of gambling going on. You walk around the room looking for something to do to pass the time.


First Post
Jerrod smiles at his fortune, to be so close to having the funds to build a laboratory to continue his research. Suddenly he hears a shout from behind him.

"What a mighty hero! Ready to rescue the ale from any mug!", a gruff voice nearly howls.

Jerrod turns to see a short man dressed oddly, for Riddleport anyway, in no armor, but wearing a short sword. "What did you say?" the alchemist asks fingers playing across his dagger. Jerrod didn't wish to fight, but in Riddleport if you backed away then the thugs would pounce on you for sure.

Finn looks shocked as the tall man in a sleeveless long jerkin turns to confront him. "No, no it wasn't me. I didn't say anything."

"It was me! You and your fancyboy going to play a game or play with each other!" the ruff voice taunts.

You both turn and look down on the table.


The table is long and at the end of it sits a wheel with a ghoul like head in the center. It has twelve pie like slots with writing on each, which leaves you baffled.

A short bumox woman dressed as a succubi asks in an alluring voice. "Ghoulette gentlemen. A quick spin, a rough tongue, and a chance to turn your pennies into silver?"


First Post
Gunther has made the rounds of the room at the Golden Goblin, [perception roll please] and noticed where people are allowed and not allowed. He hopes the costumes on some of the bouncers are just for the tournament. He didn't wish to go around bare-chested. And he also noted there were only six guards in the huge room, counting the two near the giant chest. Maybe the others were off duty till the tournament? Or this place did need some more help, which would be good for the ex-Gendarme.

He finds a small table with three chairs and sits, putting the chips he received for his 10 silver and the "contract" he was sure was some ruse.

I, _________________________, do hereby sacrifice my immortal soul and the worldly sum of 10 pieces of silver to the devil to hold in escrow against his own stake of 10,000 silver coins in the gambling tournament being held at the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall of Riddleport on this Oathday, 14th day of Ardous 4708 AR.

I understand that my soul will be placed on deposit in the Hell's deepest pit of Nessus. Furthermore, I understand that all winnings shall be cataloged in concordance of souls, to be representes by teeth, bone, and hearts of the damned. By participating in the gambling tournament and beginning in the first pit of Avernus, my winnings shall earn my way deeper through the Hells on the following schedule;

25sp entry into Dis
50sp entry into Minauros
100sp entry into Phlegethos
200sp entry into Stygia
350sp entry into Malbolge
500sp entry into Maladomini
750sp entry into Cania
1000sp entry into Nessus

I understand that if I should lose my stake in the tournament I shall receive the Devil's Mark and my soul shall be cast upon the rocks on the shore of the River Styx.

I understand that if I elect to cash in my winnings before reaching the Pit of Nessus I shall forfiet my soul and 50% of the cash value of my winnings for said early departure.

If I am the first player to reach Nessus, then I am granted the redemption of my soul and the right to "Cheat the Devil and Take His Gold" in addition to collecting my winnings. In such a circumstance, all other players shall receive the Devil's Mark and forfeit their souls.

This I do swear.
- Witnessed by __Old Scratch[/sblock]

He ponders the words as a young succubi walks up to his table. "A drink sweety?", she asks innocently.


First Post
Watching the people and the crew of the Golden Goblin, Gunther sits back with his beer and wonders where the owner is... Saul Vancaskerkin. The one time crimeboss turned entrepreneur is probably waiting to make a grand entrance.

OOC: Perception high enough to figure you have seen all there is to see.


Finn looked at the circular game board blankly. Looked up at the croupier, then across at the other man, desperately hoping for a sign that he knew how to play and would distract the croupiers..
"After you," he tried to recover, "I'm still getting the lie of the land, as it were. The name is Finn, by the way.."

He initially paid attention to the other man's response, unfortunately a short way through he caught sight of the strange caged devil, which so captivated his attention that he appeared rudely uninterested.

Is that an actual minor devil of some kind? Is Finn able to identify it?


First Post
OOC: You can make a knowledge (planes) check - just roll 1d100 for all checks, if you roll a 96-00 you may roll again and add the new roll to the result.


The creature looks bored, and Finn hears the croupier tell Jerrod, "Place up to any three non-silver bets on any comment or comments you wish..."


First Post
"Ah..I see!" Jerrod looked amused at the novel sight. "I guess it was nobody insulting me. Literally NO-Body." He elbowed the short man next to him laughing at his own pun.
"I'll give it a spin..." he laid a couple of bronze down on black.
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"Ah, What?" Finn tore his eyes away from the outsider, back to the admittedly more pleasant view of the croupier.

"Not right now thanks. Whose idea was it to adopt this infernal theme and accompanying accoutrements? Quite unusual!"
Finn watches the results of the game with interest, but is too cautious to risk his money on games where he does not know the rules and cannot calculate the odds. Cards were more to his taste, given that he could generally remember fairly accurately which had already been played.

OOC: Where did this 'short' label come from? I was envisaging Finn as 5'11", not especially short?

[sblock]Finn 22/22 hits 2/2 Power Points[/sblock]


First Post
OOC: Maybe he is always bent over in a book, lol

Jerrod places three bronze pieces on three random black slots and smiles at the croupier. "Let's see what happens," he says with a nod.

The croupier takes and spins the wheel, the head staying in place. The disks spin clicking a it moves until it slows down on a black pie slice that says, "Your Body". Then the ghoul head shouts out, "Well ain't much to say about Mr. Scarecrow here, I think I weigh more than he does, and I'm just a head. HA!"

"Winner," the croupier cries out and collects Jerrods three bronze coins and replaces the one with a silver piece.

Jerrod random slots:

Winning Slot #
1 GP = 10 SP
1 SP = 10 BP
1 BP = 10 CP
1 CP = 10 TP

So you spent 3 BP and won a Silver or just add +7 BP to your sheet.
NOTE: Your starting Money was somewhere between 50-60 SP. So it buys alot.[/sblock]
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First Post
Gunther asks the succubi about work and she mentions that the warrior should talk to Larur Feldin, "You can't miss him sweety. He's probably the only dwarf here."


First Post
OOC: +5 = 70; failure

The Golden Goblin has become more than a bit crowded and finding the dwarf floor manager becomes a tasks that starts to seem not worth it. Even if he found him, Gunther believes he would surely be to busy with the tournament about to begin.

OOC: If the two gamblers are ready I can move the game along to the tournament.


Looking around at the increasing crowd, Finn mentally assessed each individual, guessing their occupation and business as a test of his perception.

Keeping a careful awareness of his money pouch, he moved away from the irritating gambling table and on to a different part of the casino.



First Post
As the windows darken with the setting sun, several gamehall employees enter the game room carrying torches shaped like pichforks skewering burning heads made of straw and cloth. They light several large braziers, giving the hall a more infernal hue.

A hush falls over the gathered crowd as a short man climbs to the central podium, accompanied by two gorgeous "succubi". He stands before the grand golden chest, pretending to check the chains, and putting on a grin for the crowd.

Saul Vancaskerkin​

“Welcome, one and all, to the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall and your chance to cheat the Devil and win back not only your soul but all of his gold as well.” He says this last as he pats the large chest before which he stands. “I hope you found your reception by the Devil’s lovely temptresses suitably entertaining.” This is met by a general murmur of laughter and a few catcalls.

“Let’s take this moment to thank Old Scratch himself for attending this event. Not only did he loan us these lovely, dark angels, but he also emptied the deepest vaults of Hell itself to provide the gold for this tournament.”

Everyone's attention moves towards the birdcage where Old Scratch flies into a flurry of rage, banging the cage bars, spitting, howling, and screaming vile epithets in an unknown language.

The crowd cheers the display, which causes more cursing, which causes more applause. When everything settles once more Saul Vancaskerkin resumes his speech.

“Of course, he plans on replacing what he loses in gold with the souls of those of you who don’t win. The tournament rules are quite simple—as you play, you’ll earn more chips. And with those chips, you’ll be able to bribe your way out of the current Hell you’re trapped in, working your way down deeper until you get to Old Scratch’s treasury. Currently, all of you are Old Scratch’s prisoners in the first of the Hells, Avernus. If you want to work your way down to the ninth circle, you need to win games. Each time you win, you’ll be awarded a silver fang. If you come in second, you’ll get a bronze bone. And third place wins a copper heart. These bits of flesh and bone are what the devils use in Hell for currency, and they’re what you’ll need to pay in order to bribe your way into the next layer of hell. The first player to win a game after reaching Nessus not only keeps his winnings for that game, but also earns back his soul and the ten thousand silver coins that the Devil put up for this tournament. You can, of course, decide to cash out your winnings at any time you want, but if you do, or if you run out of money entirely… well, that means Old Scratch gets you.”

Vancaskerkin grins evilly and the caged imp cuts loose with another profane tirade. “And that earns you the Devil’s Mark and an escort out of the game hall until the tournament is over. What, you ask, exactly is this Devil’s Mark? Well, it’s something too utterly horrible to even contemplate. The forfeiture of your very soul, it is. But I suppose I can show you what it is— gods know I more than deserve the Devil’s Mark. In fact, better make it two, girls!”

With that, the two succubi accompanying him lean over and each firmly plants a kiss on Saul’s cheek with her ruby-red lips. When they pull away, their lip rouge has left clearly visible prints in the same shocking red on his cheeks. Saul beams as he cries out, “The Devil’s Mark, everyone!” which is greeted by a flurry of shouts, catcalls, and hoots. “Now, let’s cheat the Devil and take his gold!” which prompts one more rabid flurry from the imprisoned fiend above, and with that, the tournament begins.

Just need each of you to make three rolls (1d100), I will add in your gambling modifier. Bluff skill mostly. Then I will fluff in how good/poorly you did starting out.

I then will put you all at the same table gambling with some NPCs for some fun RP.[/sblock]

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