Pathfinder 1E EB's RoleMaster Game: Second Darkness Adventure Path - IC


First Post
Jerrod spent time with his new wand, learning how to use it until it became second nature. He then began "casing" the joint. While he didn't plan on robbing the place, the intellectual challenge it posed was irresistable not to come up with a way to.

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Gunther practiced with and cared for his weapons and armor, and explored the interior of the casino, making note of lines of sight, and what areas could not be seen from the bouncer's usual stations.


The next five days keep the group and the other employees of The Golden Goblin busy. Everyone's morning is started by a "pep" talk from Larur Feldin, and a dwarven pep talk is a gruff experience to say the least. He also goes over the list of jobs and errands that need to be completed before the casino reopens.

The first two days you spend the morning and afternoon working crowd control as many of the tournament goers return to cash in their chips. Saul is all to happy and sets up a table outside and has the crowd form a line. The group has to settle a few scuffles, but nothing more than pushy ruffians who back down when threatened. Two notable things happen those first two days. One - there is an odd hour each day (at different times) that all small metal objects become magnetized for sixty minutes. Nothing crazy happens, but weapons need to be yanked a lot harder to get them out of their sheaths, and metal armor attracts small items that sticks to them. And two - a strange purple mist seems to form whenever someone casts a spell. Again this happens at different times during the day and doesn't last long, just a little over an hour each day. The mist doesn't have any ill effects on the spell or those around it. It rises slowly and dissipates, with all experiments leading to say that the mist is rising towards The Blot.

Day three has the group running errands in town to both let the public know that The Golden Goblin will be opening in two nights, and give them all time to pick up any personal items for themselves. Rose shows the group to a Varisian clothier and part time quilter who makes wonderful comforters (much better than the wool blankets your rooms come with). The oddities continue into day three as on your way back (some of you with quilts in hand), the ground begins to shake. The tremor is small and merciful lasts only a minute or so, but it scares the common folk as they rush to the streets asking what is going on. At about the same time The Blot seems to grow as it momentarily blots out the sun.


The last two days Larur has all the employees go through a "mock" night, setting up different scenarios and what everyone's role is during different catastrophic events. These seems like the longest days before the dwarf is satisfied and lets everyone go for the day. Since nobody left The Golden Goblin for those two days (mostly due to fatigue), they don't witness any crazy events like they did the days before.


For five days your free time has been spent in one of the many tomes you borrowed from the Cypher Lodge library. Besides some interesting history on the discovery of magic by those currently call mages, you look for anything that might explain all the strangeness happening in Riddleport - to no avail. You do have better luck working with the rune paper you received off of the wizard-thief Angvar. In a few more days time you think you'll be able to put your own spells onto the paper, which means you'll be able to cast them that much faster.

The Golden Goblin only has two doors into the building. The double main doors in the front, and the backdoor leading out of the kitchen. Most of the windows are narrow arrow slit like openings, except for those leading into the main hall, and a few on the west wall. You find a very unique way to get into the Goblin through a west window which leads to the cellar stairs. This leads to you giving the cellars a close inspection (will give you detailed map next week), and leads to some interesting developments.

Finding no sparring partner, the warrior goes through his exercises in the courtyard, keeping his skills sharp. After the two days of "mock" events, you notice that the Goblin could use a few more guards, but barring that maybe a few extra eyes from those working the floor. Also during this time you find the perfect spot to watch both the door and the bar in the back.

OOC: If you all are ok, and have no questions I'll advance to opening night. Please give me an open-ended d100 roll and which of the following jobs your character wish to be doing.

Greeter: (Diplomacy)
Croupier: (Profession:Gambler)
Bouncer: (Intimidation)
Spotter: (Perception) - probably Rose's job
Host: (Diplomacy or Bluff)


Is there any need for someone to handle the money, since Finn is probably more numerate than most of the other staff, or does Saul not trust him that much yet?

Failing that, probably Host, unless someone else wants that?


Watching the awkward people skills of Finn, the charismatic Rose steps up to show the wizard how it is done.

Rose_NPC_2.jpg "Welcome to the Golden Goblin, handsome, the hot spot for turning fortunes and winning wagers beneath the arch. Looking for the squarest games, most honest dealers, and prettiest damn barmaids anywhere in the port? Well, you found ’em, sugar! Ready to be a rich man? Hope so, ’cause tonight’s your night. Belly up to a table and get to winnin’; we’ve got the gold to make your dreams glitter. Good drink, fine food, and warm company’s extra, but we’ve got all that to —at prices so cheap we might as well be giving it away. So find a spot, honey, order a pint, and leave it all to us, ’cause here, even a goblin could win his weight in gold!"

With a wink she saunters off leaving the poor young man with the next group of hooligans to walk in.

Jerrod and Gunther have a full night of fool-hardy gamblers and con-artist to put up with, but they both have an easy time of it. Taking to the workings of the gambling den with ease. Gunther's meanest stare (along with the size of the sword on his back), keep alot of the local seamen in line. While Jerrod, growing up with the prince of con-men notices all the signs of more than a couple scams, tuning the tables on them with a flare none saw coming.

After the gaming hall is closed and the four new employees of the Golden Goblin are helping clean up the main hall, Larur Feldin approaches them from the counting room.

Larur.jpg "Good and bad news," he says in his gravelly voice. "Good news is we made it through the night without any scraps thanks to all of you. Bad news is, someone got in with some fake chips, cashed them in and left with our hard earned silver."

Shaking his head he says to all of you. "Get some sleep. Tomorrow I'm sending you all up Splithog Alley to find these counterfeiters and put a stop to their operation. Any questions?"

OOC: Any questions?


"A bunch of different gets it was," the dwarf says in disgust. "Our only clue is the mention of the Splithog Pauper. Some ninny probably trying to make a name for himself. I've heard of him, but met no one whose every met 'em. I do know his base is somewhere down Splithog Alley."


First Post
Jerrod put his finger on his chin thoughtfully.
"Yes, I would also like to look at these fakes. Perhaps I could ascertain something of how they made these forgeries."


Larur nods and goes off to retrieve the chips. While he's away Rose pipes up.

Rose_NPC_2.jpg "Splithog Alley is a piss-n-crumpets little neighborhood of crumbling stone tenements and gutter shanties. This will be like finding a bottle of rotgut down a goblin hole." she starts to complain, before quieting up as Larur returns.

"Here," he says handing each of you two chips. "Notice the one is fairly new, scuffed up a bit. Rolled in the dirt, that sort of thing. Its the fake. You can tell by the teeth."

Your handed two almost identical wooden coins at a glance. Each have the letters "GG" carved on one side and painted in a red, the fake coin being more maroon than the other. And on the other side they have a goblin face with large ears and bald head painted in gold. The teeth are different, each has three but the real chip has two teeth facing up and the one on the left facing downward, while the fake has the right tooth being the one inverted.

"Girls are beside themselves for missing it at first," the floor manager says. "Not their fault with ol'Saul changing the chips for the special tournament and all."


OOC: Item Lore is normally to determine magical properties, but will also give you a rough estimate of its origin, time of make, etc.

Jerrod sits down and opens the large tome he seems to always carry in his shoulder satchel. He flips through a few of the pages before he finds the one he is looking for. Holding the coin in one hand he murmurs a short incantation.

OOC: Useful Info:
- the tree used in the construction was white pine
- the paint is oil based
- the item was made about a month and a half ago


OOC: Delving gives you an items purpose, the why as to its construction (possibly its history). This will come in very handy later on in this adventure.

I'm sure Jerrod knows as to why the fake coins were made, no need to double check, lol.

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