D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

As Darian moves up towards the Worg Searinox takes this Oppertunity to charge around the beast. Charging up his blade it starts to hum with Magic as he runs past the beast he thrust his blade forward, sending the magical energy into the beast.

Searinox will Move to the opposite side of Darian.
Booming Blade [roll0]
Piercing dmg [roll1]
Thunder dmg if it moves [roll2]

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"Well, done, Seari," Darian shouts as the wolf repositions itself to defend against Searinox leaving its flank exposed. Darian isn't sure if his first strike gets through the creature's thick hide. But the second strike is certainly true. "Have you seen doggies this big before, Seari?"

OOC: attack, right hand [roll0]
damage, right hand [roll1]
attack, left hand [roll2]
damage, left hand [roll3]
if either attack hits, sneak damage once [roll4]


"Well done! Squire Halruhk saluted the halfling for dropping the Worg and then he ran off saying, "Let's go find th'other one!"

Action: Dash to help the others with the other Worg, wherever seems appropriate.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm grimaces as he realizes the worg has lost interest in the sound of a baby. With but a thought he lets the illussory cry reach a high note, then stop abruptly. Already the warlock is casting his next spell, one of his standard beams of arcane magic, and he takes one step out of his corner to unleash the energy in the worg’s direction.

OOC: Dismiss the Minor Illusion, then cast Eldritch Blast from hiding.
Advantage (hidden) [roll1]
Damage [roll2] force


Darian and Searinox prove an effect duo and push the creature back. Suddenly Squire Halrukh comes bounding through the cemetry (6A) gate behind the creature, while Wilhelm's bolt is the equivalent of being smacked on the nose with a rolled up paper.

The creature having enough, and not wanting to work for its meal disengages from the trio and suddenly a loud *BOOM* echoes through the yard. The church bell goes silent for only a second, and then starts ringing faster and louder as if whoever is pulling on the rope enjoyed being answered by the thunderous sound.

The worg whimpers away in pain, and when it reaches the rear of a large two story building, possible the Nightstone Inn (8), it starts emitting a wailing howl.

*Awroooo! Awroooo!*

Nightstone_PC map_5.jpg[/sblock]

OOC: Group is up.
Worg 3/26 HP left.


"That mutt might have a master. Seems t'be calling to it. We'd better shut it up!" hissed Squire Halruhk who then ran after the creature. He grabbed a smaller axe off of his belt and flung it with all his might at the beast when he found that he could not catch it.

[roll0] for [roll1] damage.


Fareon grunted in satisfaction looking over the Worg corpse. The magical wailing of an infant crying for its mother's teet thankfully had stopped, but there was still that infernal ringing! Confident in his allies ability to handle the other Worg, Fareon watched the orc run off. Fareon with wolf at his side ran towards the entranceway of the building where the terrible clanging was coming from.

Ooc: Dash towards/Into bell building.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm frowns. Someone is ringing that bell as if his life depends on it, perhaps calling for aid.

Moving around the church, the warlock moves about looking for the entrance. He meets Fareon and Wolf, who obviously came to the same conclusion.

”Who’d you think is making that noise?”

OOC: ok then! Good to know that Booming Blade is going to do that for in the future xD

Searinox runs after the beast only to see Halruhk's axe fell the beast, "Well that takes care of one problem, I assume the other one us dead then aswell?" he asks

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