D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

"Right," Darian says as he too steps out from the building and toward the inn, weapons low. "A drink sounds like an excellent idea. We were hoping to meet a friend here when all we found were some goblin looters."

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"Good tameetcha, Holkin. Name's Halruhk. Warn yer boys that I got some buddies out there searchin' the town. We're all on the same side here, not bein' goblins an' all. We wouldn't want any missunnerstandings." Hakruhk said, looking forward to his drink.


“I’m just helping,” Buddy says, raising his hand. “That’s what I do. I help. Because I’m helpful. Isn’t that right, Little Buddy. Yep. Just a helpful guy giving a helping hand to anyone that needs help,”


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm hesitates. Unsure of Holkin's intentions, the young warlock fears a trap in the inn, but if it is, he can't just let Halruhk and Buddy go in alone!

Then Darian and Searinox step forward, and Wilhelm is relieved. He is about to step out as well, when he realises that Fareon is still hidden. With a nod to himself, Wilhelm decides to stay out of sight as well, at least until he knows what the gang is up to.


Inside the Inn:

Working his way behind the bar Holkin is putting glasses on the top if it while looking for something to fill them with as Halrukh, Buddy, Darian, and Searinox walk in. His two henchmen stand on opposite ends of the bar their arms fold across their chests.

As Devana enters with Searinox the cats hackles rise at the sight of the serpent around the half-elf's neck. "This won't do." Holkin says finding a whiskey bottle and opening it. "Jocca go outside for now. That's a good serpent, go on."

The group watches as the flying snake exits through the hole in the ceiling, Devana watching the most closest of all. As they turn back to the half-elf he nods to the large boulder in the middle of the room. "Anyone have an ideal what went on here? And is that a bear??"
Outside the Inn:

Two of the riders have taken up guard stations at the two towers at the front gate. The drawbridge has been raised.

While the last two have taken the seven horses inside the stables.

OOC: Tell me where you would like to be hidden - and then roll a Perception check if you wish to try and overhear the riders.

"I've been wondering that myself," Darian says. "We arrived about an hour before you did. Town had some goblins wondering around and those giant spiders. We've killed most of them. But where all these boulders came from? No idea. Probably giants since I don't see any ruts and grooves of siege equipment."


"Of course it's a bear," Buddy says, lifting Little Buddy out of his pack and cradling him. "We found him, and he's my pal. Say 'Hi', Little Buddy," he waves Little Buddy's paw at them.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
When he sees that the remaining riders have their attention occupied elsewhere, Wilhelm decides to dash to the other building, where he last saw Fareon. He wants to discuss tactics with his friend.

Conjuring the image of a barrel behind the farmhouse, the young warlock hides behind it and peers through the illusion towards the inn.

"Fareon," he whispers, unsure if the halfling is nearby. "What are we going to do?"

OOC: Moving to behind building 9, hopefully reaching Fareon without being noticed. Rolling Stealth with advantage because the riders are occupied: [roll0] [roll1]
Casting cantrip Minor Illusion to conjure the image of a barrel. Because Wilhelm obviously knows it's an illusion, he can see through it. Perception: [roll2]


Holkin_avatar.jpg "Giants, hmmm..." Holkin gives everyone a small shot glass of sharp whiskey and nods. "I think you may be right." he says to Darian. "That boulder fell straight down threw the ceiling and floor above, as if it was drop from way on high. The question is why? And will they return?"

He tilts back his drink and gulps it down. He spins the empty glass in his hand as he thinks. "We," he gestures to his men. "were hoping to open relations with the people here in Nightstone. Trade our skills for shelter a little gold. But now it looks like no one is here to negotiate with. You said you were here to meet someone, but I haven't seen a single body, they too seem to be missing, then? I wonder if we should wait or go looking for any signs of them?"

He shrugs and the pours himself another drink. "One night won't hurt I suppose," he adds with a grin.

OOC: Insight everyone (except Buddy who will aid the first person to post). Buddy & Darian each roll a Perception checks also.


[sblock=Outside near the stables]
Fareon finds a good spot to hide, that is near a knot hole that he can put his ear to.

Two men inside the stables:
"... ha ha ha! This is going to be to easy. The whole place is abandoned." a mild toned voice nearly cackles. The jingle of tack and creak of leather also fills the air.

"Not abandoned there is that half-orc and his friends." a lower, gravely voice comments.

"Bah! Four of them versus the Seven Snakes. Holkin will put that armored orc in his place, see that he don't." the first man says dropping something heavy on to the ground. (probably a saddle)

"He'll try to 'suade them first. Might be they could be allies to us." the second man states as fact.

"Pity that then. I was hope'n on the way here we might find a few men with backbone to try and stop us. Been awhile since I took the defiance out of a man.... to long."

"Fareon," a loud whisper comes from around the corner. "What are we going to do?"

Wilhelm sees no one until he speaks and then he sees the small black wolf look around the corner of the stables straight at the man without truly seeing him.[/sblock]
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I knew it! Fareon confirmed to himself. He began to circle to the back entrance of the barn when he heard Wilhelm's harsh whisper. He attempted to signal to his ally. He pointed into the barn and then mimed a throat cutting gesture.

OOC: Darian Perception [roll0]
Insight [roll1] Advantage? [roll2]

"There's still the keep," Darian says pointing to the south. "Maybe the people went there."


"Or maybe the Giants took 'em after they surrendered." Halruhk suggested. He couldn't imagine a small town holding out long under a hail of heavy stones. "At any rate, we need to see if anyone is alive at the keep. You an' your boys mercenaries, then?"

The last was directed at Holkin, with no judgement, though he suspected they were bandits.



the magical equivalent to the number zero
At last Wilhelm found Fareon - well, he saw the wolf first, the animal looking past him but no doubt knowing his position through its acute smell. Then he saw Fareon, the halfling motioning towards the barn and making a sign of cutting throats.

Did he mean they were dead, or that they ought to be?

Shrugging, Wilhelm moves away from his hiding spot and, keeping low, hurries towards the barn, casting another spell as he goes. The illusory barrel he just hid behind disappears, and it reappears in the middle of the square between him and the stables. The warlock rushes up to it and crouches next to it, the illusion shielding him from prying eyes from the bridge. Then he motions to Fareon to join him.

OOC: Casting Minor Illusion for the same effect as before, then hiding there. Yes, in the middle of the square. Nobody'll notice. It's magic.


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Fareon rolled his eyes at the Magic Barrel and shook his head in disbelief. He then circled his way around to the back entrance of the barn intending to ambush the two within.

OOC: Another stealth check? Or was the last one good enough?


OOC: Perception checks

You notice the half-elf has a bit of jewelry on him, some of it inscribed, but cannot make out the details.

[sblock=Darian] This man is more than a simple mercenary. Your gut tells you he planned to stay for the night no matter the state of the village. As he stands in silence thinking, you know he is plotting out his next move, and he frowns at the mention of the keep. He might not want to find out anyone in charge to contest whatever it is he is plotting.[/sblock]

"Well I need to find places to settle my men for the night. If your on your way to the keep, you'll let me know if there is anyone left alive to talk to won't you." Holkin says as he puts away the bottle.
OOC: If you plan to attack from hiding please roll a check right before you attack. It will be versus DC:10 their passive perception. If you make the check then you gain surprise.

Wilhelm will watch Fareon disappear inside the stables.


"Sure, we will." answered Halruhk, draining his glass. "You get yer men settled an' we'll take a look at the keep. I'm gonna go see how they're doin' figuring out how to get up that broken ramp-bridge. Talk to you soon."

Halruhk got up and headed for the Inn's door.

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