D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

"What?" Searinox calls out. "It's not real?"
He takes a moment to look up at the bell above him. Continueing to ring. He then starts to circle the building and jumps over the fence. Meanwhile he looks inside the Church to see any trace of the source thats causing the bell to ring.

OOC: Searinox jumps over the fence north of him and then sticks to the building turning Right
Tries to look inside the Church for signs of life
Investigation [roll0]
Perception [roll1]


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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm tries to shush Darian and Searinox.

"It's not real, it's magic," he whispers as loud as he dares. "A distraction."

Well, at least his companions are not chasing an illusionary baby. For now.


All of the whispering and baby crying meant little as Squire Haruhk realised that his sneaking was futile and he rushed forward, chain mail clanging, until he reached the halfling, where he raised his great axe and said, "When it gets here, you go low an' I'll go high."

Then his face split into a tusky grin, "Uh... I guess that was gonna happen anyway."

OOC: Readied attack if the Worgs arrive, [roll0] for [roll1] damage.


Well hidden the worgs start towards what they think is a lone person coming into town. Then the wail of a baby draws one of the creatures away as it thinks it has discovered easier prey.

Searinox and Darian start across the yard with their backs to the church. The stained glass windows to high to look in and see what is pulling on the bell rope nonstop. Suddenly a worg leaps over the fence and sniffs the air. The baby is still crying off in the distance, but the smell of the two warriors is a bit closer. It turns growling, saliva dripping from its frothy maw.

OOC: Wilhelm hidden in the corner.

The second worg bolts towards the half-orc and he makes a small joke as he leaps out, catching the creature off guard as his axe draws blood from the tip of its nose. At the same time Fareon and Wolf come out swinging. The halfling knee caps the beast while wolf nips at it.

OOC: Help action from Wolf. Fareon has advantage on next attack.

"I said, what is it?" Buddy asks as he leads Merrybuck across from the bridge. "More trouble, of course." The young acolyte says sending a ray of cold towards the creature.

OOC: ray of frost [roll0], [roll1]

Searinox AC:12 HP: 7/7
Fareaon. AC:19 HP: 15/15
Wolf.... AC:12 HP: 5/5
Wilhelm. AC:15 HP: 9/9
Darian.. AC:17 HP: 8/10
Buddy... AC:16 HP: 8/8
Halruhk. AC:17 HP: 10/12
Bearcat. AC:13 HP: 9/9

Saves: STR +3, DEX +1, CON +1, INT -2, WIS +0, CHA -1
#1 AC:13, HP: 26/26 - DASHed
#2 AC:13, HP: 16/26 - DASHed[/sblock]
Nightstone_PC map_4.jpg[/sblock]

OOC: Group is up.
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After having watched his first ray of Frost go wide, Buddy aimed a little better and sent another one at the creature.



The worg looks troubled for a moment, but before it can decide to bolt, the young halfling warrior and his wolf bring it down. The creature barely having time to let out a cry.

OOC: Worg #2 is dead, quick work. Just like with the giant.

Darian moves up cautiously on the worg. He readies an attack for when one of his companions gives him an opportunity to strike the wolf's vitals. (sneak attack)

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