D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"What is it, Wolf?" Wilhelm asks aloud as he looks at what may have set off the animal.

"It seems quiet. Too quiet."

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*bong* *bong*

The church bell has not stopped since you were able to hear it, and it isn't the wind that is setting it in motion.

Wilhelm notices the tall grasses of to the side of the path have been trampled by many feet. And oddly enough from both directions (away from the gate and towards the gate), while Fareon makes his way towards the tower gates.

Under the archway the small halfling sees a huge boulder embedded into the ground. It is five feet across and nearly three feet high, with most of it under the soil as if it had fallen from a great height. The doors to both towers are wide open.

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Fareon hugged the right gate tower and peered around the corner and slowly scanned the town from right to far left.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Many folks have walked here," Wilhelm whispers, pointing at the flattened grass, as he, too, moves cautiously and stealthily towards the gate.

OOC: Stealth [roll0]

"Yeah, ofcourse, maybe." Searinox replied to Fareon.
"So guessing from the Size of that Boulder Giants have already attacked. So maybe it's the People fleeing?"
He starts slinking away in his thoughts again as he blindly follows Wilhelm
"Although the Giant prints at the Cave suddenly vanished... Who says they can't just Appear aswell? So perhaps it wasn't the same Giant that attacked here?"

OOC: gonna join in on Perception
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Not wanting to ruin the sneaky-people's scouting, Squire Halruhk stood on the drawbridge and hoped to draw the attention of anyone in the gate-towers.

(Ready to dodge, looking for any movement up there, waiting for the all-clear from the others).


Using the boulder as cover Fareon moves south to take a look around. Eerily he sees no people about. But a few chickens are still in their yard. (4B)

Darian starts to the north, his attention first drawn to the noisy bell tower of the church(5). And then he scans what looks to be an open area, possible the town square(3). And in the far northeast corner he sees a sight. Two huge wolf like creatures easily as big or bigger than a horse, are lying on the ground gnawing on something the rogue cannot make out.

Not sure need time to figure HP once more, but you aren't in combat yet. What do you do?[/sblock]
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