D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

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"It is said a flea bothers the lion more than the lion bothers the flea! If our enemy is so powerful and lofty, he shall underestimate us. Such is the way of the big and the small."


“Yeah, but when the flea bothers the lion, the lion eats it. We piss off a giant and we’ll find ourselves smooshed and mixed with toe jam.”


“Of course you relish,” Buddy says. “To them, you taste like relish! Nice and pickly, with just a hint of mustard. You’d go great squeezed over some toast.”

"Wilhelm, if I remember correctly, you were toasting 'To adventures!' back in the tavern," Darian says. "One tiny giant and you have an issue with adventure?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
”Weeeeeeell,” Wilhelm starts apologetically. ”I didn’t exactly expect to encounter any giants. Well, not right away, that is. Goblins, I expected. Kobolds. Perhaps an orc or two. But not giants, not until we’ve become experienced adventurers of great renown.”

He looks at Searinox defiantly.

”I’m not scared! I’m just.. careful, that’s all.”

Not that Wilhelm expects anyone to believe that, but somehow he feels he should be saving face in front of those who appear far more confident than him.

"We'll never find the missing loot if we just stand here," Darian says. "Maybe one of you outdoorsy types can see if there are tracks we can follow out of the cave in the direction the loot taken."


Searinox looks over the note and tries to remember hearing the same name (Ostorian Stone), and then snaps his fingers. A dwarf scholar had told the story of how the first giants use to record their history and knowledge on very large stones rather than paper. It was a sermon in rebuke that giants were like dwarves in this respect, although giants scattered their stones through the world to keep it out of the hands of each other and dwarves keep theirs in their cities. The stones used would be everything and anything close to had to the giant engraving runes on it.

Buddy's hand smells of fish, so the bear-cat eagerly moves forward and licks his palm. The young man scratches the bear behind the ears and seems to have made a friend.

After the short conversation on bravery (great RP btw, everyone) Fareon moves back outside the cave and looks around. Wolf tracks the giant smell and stops in the middle of the clearing. The halfling moves over beside his companion and sees a pair of huge boot prints in the dirt. Each is easily three feet long and almost two feet wide, and don't continue on. Wolf sniffs the air looking up at the clouds.

OOC: The rock Nightstone is named after could be one such Ostorian Stone.

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