D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

Darian rushes around the corner after the goblin. "Surely you have a name," he says. "I need to know the name of the goblin that cannot be stabbed."

OOC: Attack prime [roll0] damage [roll1]
Attack off [roll2] damage [roll3]
sneak if someone ends up flanking him before I get there [roll4]

"... Um... Or not."

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Darian calls out taunting the goblin and it turns quickly about. A bit to quickly as it impales itself on the daring rogues sword point.

As it falls off it gives a small croak through bloody lips, as if trying to say something.

OOC: Perception check Darian. DC 14


[sblock=Current Status]
Darian AC:17 HP: 18/20
Wilhelm AC:15 HP: 02/07(temp), 18/18
Searinox AC:12 HP: 14/14

1)Goblin AC:15 HP: 00/07, dead
2)Goblin AC:15 HP: 00/07, dead
3)Goblin AC:13 HP: 00/07, dead
4)Goblin AC:13 HP: 00/07, dead
5)Goblin AC:13 HP: 00/07, dead
6)Goblin AC:13 HP: 00/07, dead
7)Goblin AC:15 HP: 00/07, dead
8)Goblin AC:15 HP: 00/07, dead

Fareon AC:19 HP: 30/30, rage 8/10, bless
Buddy AC:16 HP: 12/16, bless
Halruhk AC:17 HP: 22/24, bless[/sblock]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm grins as he realizes that the magical trendrils he had conjured, have made an impression on Buddy. The warlock is elated, and he seems to move with more confidence while trying to act dismissive.

"That's nothing," he boasts. "I've got better spells. But yeah, it's cool."

Looking around, Wilhelm sees a lot of dead goblins, and some destroyed pumpkins. After moving back to the field a bit and seeing his other companions are safe, he starts walking across the field slowly to get everyone back together.

"What are these goblins doing here? Do you think they raided the village? It seems too sturdy for a simple goblin attack to have much of an effect."


"If they had warning of the attack, it makes sense that they'd flee to the keep. They've got a warning bell." mused Hahlruk, who always took a keen interest in defensive strategies. Of course, that would leave this part of the city to the soldiers, and there's no sign of any of those guys neither."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm nods.

”So we check out the towers and the keep. Let’s go.”

With that, the warlock starts moving in the direction Darian is pointing to.


First Post
"Meanwhile we are going to need a way to get over that bridge. I have an idea...but I will need your brawn big guy!" Fareon says to Hahlruk and heads to the stables.


Wolf growls at the half-orc for the dog comment, as if he understood, but pads off as if he were just warning the big warrior.

Heading towards the southeast tower where they can get a better few of the keep, the group notices from their new perch that a corner of the keep has been totally destroyed. The main keep and the guard tower before the bridge both seem to still be in good shape.

OOC: Group Perception Challenge DC 12 (3 success, before 3 failures) while you talk about how to get across the bridge.

Nightstone_PC map_13.jpg[/sblock]

"I'm going to climb that lookout tower to see if there's anything interesting under the bridge," Darian says pointing east toward the tower (2E).

OOC: Perception [roll0]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm looks at the keep, his high spirits quickly dissolving.

"It's partially destroyed. That was no goblin raid!"

OOC: Right, here goes. Perception: [roll0]

"That's fairly obvious. These rocks were either throws by siege weapons or giants. And I don't see signs of siege weapons outside the city," Darian says.


At the stables Halruhk and Fareon don't find one piece of wood the right length, but they do find a bucket of horse nails and a hammer that could help in the construction of a long plank.

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