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D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC


OOC: Can Buddy freeze them with Ray of Frost to last longer?

OOC: The ones Fareon doesn't polish off. Haha

The room has no other exits and the cave in looks like it is the same tunnel from the first chamber. There is only the one stone chest in the chamber, but there is marks on the floor and wall where there look to have been other chest in the room before they were taken away.

The party realizes - The treasure is gone.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Er," Wilhelm starts, "Where's the great treasure we're looking for? Or has that been shrunken too, and hidden somewhere?"

The warlock looks around, searching for signs that the treasure is hidden, buried, or otherwise around.

OOC: Investigation [roll0]


Squire Halruhk picked up the letter and read it, his lips moving as he did so, and he scratched his head and mumbled over a few obscure Giantish runes. Then he said, "Anybody know what a' Ostorian Stone is? This note is signed by a Count Thullen of one of th'bigger giant-types. I dunno, storm or cloud or somethin'. He seems t'be from some place called Lyn Armaal, wherever that is. Mostly he just insults the Hill Giants an' brags about takin' the treasure."


OOC: Buddy wants to make a history Check. He knows Giant, after all.


Buddy hikes up his pants once more, he really needed to find a better belt, and walked over to the bag. He grabbed one of the fish. “Could make some good fillets tonight,” he mused, putting one in his pack. Then he went over to the bear, “I could use a good Familiar. Real wizards have familiars. How about it, little guy? You wanna be my Familiar?”

He reached his hand out to the tiny bear.

Animal Handling! [roll]1d20[/roll]
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Fareon does to the now giant sized corpse and inspects the body. From its patchwork overalls he grabs one of the many pins and brooches that adorn the giant's chest as a keepsake.
"So we go after this Count, yes?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"So one giant takes the treasure from another giant," Wilhelm summarizes. "And it's an even bigger one. Probably responsible for the magic curse that made all these creatures so tiny."

He lets his own words sink in, then his eyes widen.

"We're not going after a huge, magic wielding giant, are we?"

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