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D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC


The bear rears up its hackles rising like a cat as Searinox draws closer to quickly. With Darian's warning he stops and just looks over the strange runes that can be seen on the bears fur. It's some sort of magical dust, or at least a red dust was the component. Searinox creates a wind with his prestidigitation spell and sends it gently at the bear. The fur ripples and more than half of the magical component falls to the ground. The bear convulse as shakes for a moment, before it settles coughing as if it has a furball.

And then Fareon is there holding a bit of dried meat and moving slowly. The bear sniffs and draws closer. He snatches the meat and gulps it down. The halflings natural animal-magnetism calming the creature as it watches the halfing hoping for more.

OOC: Looks like with that Nat 20, Fareon has added a bear-cat to his menagerie. LOL
I'll get you some stats, not sure as to what it will be, or how Wolf will take to it.

Searinox your character remembered the way the red dust settled on the giant and xvarts after they died. Removing it stopped the spell from ending in a normal manner and now it looks like the bear will stay small indefinitely.

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"Is the bear all right?" Darian asks. "Oh, he's eating. He's fine. So are we going to examine this chest here or drag it out of here first?"


Halruhk looks into the open chest. It is made of marble and had a heavy marble lid that was slid back and left on the ground beside it. The chest is completely empty except for a piece of crumbled up paper at the bottom.

[sblock=Note written in Giant]
Stupid runt-giants of the hills,

You are too slow and dim-witted to challenge us. The treasure is ours, and soon the Ostorian Stone will be as well. You are probably feeling small now, aren't you? If you think you are going to prevail, you are mistaken.

By the way, prevail means win, idiots.

Count Thullen of Lyn Armaal[/sblock]

Fareon and Searinox notice a gray burlap sack about four feet tall near the cave in. It looked like just one more rock, but they both noticed the smell of old fish emanating from it.

[sblock=Giant Bag]
2 large throwing rocks (basketball size to the PCs)
3 dead trout
6 foot long wooden fence post (walking stick)
painted rocking horse (sized for a human child) ?? you got me
strapless backpack w/ 20gp, 8sp (giant uses as coin purse)
- a bracelet made of strung together copper disks (value 200gp)
- potion of healing
- alchemist fire[/sblock]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Smells like fish," Wilhelm notes as he looks over his allies' shoulders at the giant bag. Turning to Fareon, the warlock grins, "If you're out of meat, I'm sure your new pet appreciates fish, too!"

Wilhelm considers walking up to the small bear in order to make friends, but he quickly dismisses the idea. His days as a shepherd have not prepared him for getting friendly with predators, and the last thing he needs is a hand bitten off by a playful bear.

"Do you think it wise to keep him around?" he says, motioning towards the ursine beast.


Fareon took one of the trout and put the head in his mouth and put his face towards the cat-sized bear, letting it come up and snatch half of it from his mouth. Wolf barked in protest..."Now <munch> now!" Fareon said muching on the fishes head. "I haven't forgotten about you!" and gave the canine some food from his pouch.

"Do you think it wise to keep him around?" Wilhelm says, motioning towards the ursine beast.

"Aye! Bearcat should be just fine. <chomp, chomp> As long as Wolf doesn't eat him!"

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