D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

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"Whoah! Watch't!" cried Halruhk, forgetting that the Giant would increase in size and getting slapped by folds of rapidly-expanding flesh.


HP 5/12
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Everyone but the heavily armored Squire Halruhk manages to dodge away from growing and flailing arms and legs, as the body quivers back to its normal size. Again the strange reddish runes burn themselves into the giants skin.

The bear (since it hasn't been killed) is still small and whimpers in the corner, making those arcanically inclined to wonder how long the curse lasts.

OOC: INT (arcana) checks into the curse if you wish.
And/or INT (Investigation) checks to search the room.

EDIT: Oh and an Inspiration die is awarded to good ol' Buddy. Great insight, which led to a great post by Fitz.

"Your strength is magic, my friend. Not bear wrangling." Darian says. Darian looks around. "That looks like another cave-in."

OOC: Token investigation check [roll0]

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