D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC


A javelin strikes as Squire Halruhk advances quickly towards the littlest giant, but the creature was ready, for the charge. He swings the club, but it is way to soon. Use to having a longer reach the cresture fumbles with its attacks at the knight-errant.

The others advance setting up a makeshift picket line to trap the creature. Wolf growls low and everyone can see a brown bear trying to hide amongst the rubble. The odd thing is this adult bear is the size of a house cat.

Round 1: Ready action - atk first PC to get into range
atk: [roll0]
dmg: [roll1]
atk: [roll2]
dmg: [roll3]

Round 2: Almost dead so Dodging


OOC: Group is up giant is dodging.
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"Shall we take this li'l guy prisoner?" asked the squire before flipping his axe on it's side and trying to bop the giant on the head with the flat of his blade. The short-but-round creature ducked under the blow, surprising the squire with his deft foot-work.

[roll0] Nope. Disadvantage so [roll1] Oops. For [roll2] Nothing.
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Darian moves forward (to V29) and attempts to bring the wee giant down, and fails.

OOC: primary attack [roll0] disadvantage [roll1]. Damage [roll2]
offhand attack [roll3] disadvantage [roll4]. Damage [roll5]


“I wouldn’t get close to him,” Buddy says. “Just because he’s small doesn’t mean he’s lost his strength.”

He sends another jet of ice at the little giant.

[roll0] or [roll1]



the magical equivalent to the number zero
”What’s that growl?” asks Wilhelm, whose position has prevented him from seeing the small bear.

Not waiting for an answer, he starts casting another spell at the giant, this time another of the magical rays of energy. It shoots forth from the warlock’s outstretched arm.

OOC: Eldritch blast: [roll0]
Disadvantage: [roll1]
For [roll2] force damage


Fareon quickly dove into the fray, freeing his blades from thier prospective sheathes and cut at the Giant with tulwar and equally curved janbiya.

Move to T31
Scimitar & Dagger w/ Disadvantage. Looks like the only chance is Scimitar hits AC 15 for 8 damage
scimitar offhand dagger vs minigiant: 1D20+6 = [9]+6 = 15
1D20+6 = [12]+6 = 18
1D6+4 = [4]+4 = 8
1D6 = [3] = 3

correct damage for offhand dagger: 1D4 = [4] = 4
Not that it mattered.
Disadvantage rolls: 1D20+6 = [16]+6 = 22
1D20+6 = [2]+6 = 8


The group swarms the littlest of giants, and it moves and ducks until finally someone his own size brings him low. Fareon's tulwar catches the creature under the folds of his three chins and it gurgles once before falling flat on its face. The cat-sized bear murmurs a cry of anguish, and tries to hide deeper in the rubble.

OOC: Poor guy had 4hp after round 1 - and couldn't get away.

Will now need DEX saves (DC 10) from:

or take [roll0] bludgeoning damage

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