D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC


First Post
"These little blue things can summon ice. We must be careful going forward," Darian says as he tends to his wounds.

Fareon eyed Searinox dangerously. "Indeed, best we ALL be more careful."

Taking in the news that there was some sort of shrinking magicks about the halfling shook his head. "I don't want to get any smaller! Let us grab the loot and be off."

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First Post
"Be thankful that is all I am throwing mageling." Said Fareon with a feral smile. "For if I or Wolf come into the path of foul magicks, it is you who have been warned."


OOC: Ah, first level and a new group with all the tension that comes with it. Lovin' it gang.

Searinox doesn't find the tall-tale signs of the curse on the exposed skin of the giant (his foot really). It wasn't shrunk so possibly the tunnel was trapped. And the curse trap would make two. The group readies itself to continue and are even more wary than they were before.

OOC: Marching order?
And I will be busy the next few days. I'll write up the next room if you all wish to RP your way down the hall. Then I can just post it quickly while on break at work.


First Post
At the "air quotes" Fareon almost launched a javelin at Searinox, but stays his hand when he realizes the odd movement was not a somantic gesture of spellcasting. The bantam barbarian threw his head back and laughed. "We are agreed then!"


Glad to find that he wasn't the only one with friction, Halruhk laughed at the thought of the halfling getting even smaller.

"I'll lead th' way," offered the squire, still sore that he'd been mistaken for a coward.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Alright," Wilhelm nods to Halruhk, then studies the half-orc some more. "You're not a shrunken giant, are you?"

Just before the squire can reply, the warlock grins widely. "Just kidding! You're big enough as you are."

Wilhelm falls in line behind the sturdy looking squire, alert for any new threats.


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