D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC


Most of the little blue swarm is swept away by the warriors attacks. And then the magical assault kills a few more. [roll0]

Just as the torch appears out of nowhere a booming voice like that of a giant xvart echoes throughout the cave. (Later in is journeys Wilhelm will come upon the lore of the xvarts and their connection to the demigod Raxivort. And that in their abyssal tongue Eeee-Vaaa is the same as yelling "Attack!" in common.)

The creatures swarm harder and a bit braver as they try and bring down Squire Halruhk.

Swarm atk: [roll1]
damage: [roll2]

Searinox HP: 3/7
Fareaon HP: 15/15
Wolf HP: 5/5
Wilhelm HP: 9/9
Darian HP: 5/10
Buddy HP: 8/8
Halruhk HP: 7/12

AC: 12 HP: 3/22 (resistance)[/sblock]
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“Fine,” Buddy says. “I guess i have to do everything.”

He holds up a hand, tapping into the power given him by his goddess. Three balls of purple, undulating energy formed around his fingers, flying out to the swarm.

Magic missile damage: [roll0], [roll1] , and [roll2]


With the light from the torch Buddy can see the creatures as they swarm the squire. He calls upon his divine patron to grant him the ability to cast a spell normally only usable by wizards, and she agrees.

The missiles of arcanic like energy strike the climbing xvarts from the half-orc allowing the others to finish off the odd creatures remaining.

OOC: Combat Over.
Arcana checks from those proficient in it.

As the purple energy clears the Xvart from the half-orc, Searinox decides that wide spread Magic might mot be the option and switches over to stomp out the remaining Xvart.

As the last of the blue creatures is dealt with Searinox starts staring around the cavern as he adresses Darian.
"You holding up alright, Darian?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm steps out of the shadows and towards the now lifeless tiny blue men.

”Curious things. Do you think these were goblin youngsters? Or perhaps they were cursed for their hubris, a vengeful hag or meanspirited mage who was annoyed by their constant cries of ‘Eee Vaa’. Who’s Eva, anyway?”

OOC: Arcana: [roll0]


As you study the bodies of the squish, skewered, and stomped xvarts, they suddenly expanded to their normal size (around 2-1/2'), and a bit of magic seems to brand itself all over their blue bodies, before it dissipates.

"They were cursed..." Searinox and Wilhelm say as one.

OOC: The curse was limited to will they lived, so it was probably also of a limited duration. Other creatures in the cave may have also been subject to this curse.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Nodding to Searinox, Wilhelm adds, ”We’d better be careful. There could be more shrunken foes. Tiny giants, perhaps.”

The warlock looks back in the direction of the collapsed cavern.

”Like that giant under that rubble.”

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