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Starfinder Ed Starfinder-1-01


Absalom Station/Warehouse
Round 0

Ashlyn smiled at the young man as he emerged from the apartment.

“Hello,” she greeted. “I am Priestess Anjuliz of the Church of Sarenrae.” She extended her hand. “Can I come in and tell you about Our Luminous Savior Sarenrae?” She pulled out a pamphlet to hand to him. “She can shed such wonderful light into your life. Light of hope, peace, and redemption.” Ashlyn gave a beatific smile.

Diplomacy: 1D20+6 = [11]+6 = 17

[sblock=Actions and Rolls]

Stamina: 7/7 HP: 10/10 Resolve: 4/5
EAC: 12 KAC: 13 CMD: 21
Fort: 0 Ref: 1* (mk 1 Ring of Resistance) Will: 6
Healing Channel: 1 Resolve point: Self: Move; Touch: Action; All w/in 30’: Full
Healing Touch (1/d): 10m, 5 hp/L
0 (DC 14): Detect Magic, Fatigue, Stabilize, Telekinetic Projectile
1 (1/3 DC 15): Mind Thrust, Mystic Cure, Lesser Remove Condition

[sblock=Party Loot]
Basic Iridishell Armor
2 Incendiary Grenades I
400 credits
Star Sugar Heartlove! - Strawberry Machine Cake album

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"Oh, what Anjuliz said. Changed my life. There's a light inside me now, that wasn't there before." Tara smiled the smile of someone who was not technically lying.


First Post
Tisi chose to remain silent, unobtrusively slipping out of sight around the corner while he's distracted by more gregarious people...

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