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D&D 4E Effect of critical hits on two-weapon powers


I was implementing some macro scripts for my 4th Edition game in MapTools. I am trying to calculate the critical damage for two-weapon powers the like "Whirling Rend" (Barbarian 1st Level At-Will Power). I could not find any guidance in the 4th Edition books that brought clarity to me, so I though I would reach out to the experts in this forum. The power read:

"Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage, and an enemy adjacent to you other than the target takes 1[W] damage (off-hand weapon). If you are raging, add your Dexterity modifier to both damage rolls."

  • So if the barbaian have two magic swords, would the magic item critical bonus (+1d6) be applied to both 1[W] damages, i.e. in total +2d6?
  • Should the magic item bonus to damage (+1) for each magical weapon be applied to each 1[W] damage, or only to the primary damage?
  • Would the critical maximum damage apply only to the primary weapon or to both?
  • The barbarian have Two-Weapon Fighting feat, resulting in +1 damage when wielding two weapons. Does this bonus get added to both weapons, resulting in a +2 bonus in total, or only on the primary weapon?

Anyone having a FAQ or other clarity on these questions?

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Very little 4th Edition support in these forums ;)
After negotiating with the Player's Union, we reached a decision - a middle ground. Player's Union normally only try to maximize their benefits, but we managed to come to turns in the end.
Ruling: The secondary attack damage from the off-hand weapon should be seen as an Effect, rather than a seperate attack. As it does not require an attack roll. Thus, the secondary damage is not maximized when the primary weapon make a critical. However, both primary and secondary damage roll is entitled to damage modifiers from race and feat bonuses; magic item bonuses; power bonuses; or untyped bonuses (according to PHB p.276)


haven't played 4E in ages, but isn't it in 4E that you deal max damage on attack +whatever weapon magic bonuses are on crit?

If it's max weapon damage, then it's max weapon damage(both weapons).

Now, if off-hand attack was from separate attack, which it is not, then it would deal normal damage, unless that attack is a crit also.

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