Elven/Elvish Names, Anyone Need One? (Closed, Use new thread)

My elven names are...

  • ...just made up to sound neat.

    Votes: 28 23.5%
  • ...somewhat elvish-sounding.

    Votes: 56 47.1%
  • ...Pure Elvish.

    Votes: 35 29.4%


First Post
It's a simple manner of old .cyberstreet urls in old threads I frequent.

Speaking of which, I'm going to shut this thread and continue the names in a new one. URL to be posted shortly.

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Brother Shatterstone

Dark Moderator of PbP
Hey before you kill this thread how about a few phrases...

"Swift defeat to my enemies"

"Swift death to thouse who have wronged me."


and if you fell cleaver a good elven name for the Oathbow as seen in the DMG. (3.5; pg 227, 3.0;pg 189)

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