Elven/Elvish Names, Anyone Need One? (Closed, Use new thread)

My elven names are...

  • ...just made up to sound neat.

    Votes: 28 23.5%
  • ...somewhat elvish-sounding.

    Votes: 56 47.1%
  • ...Pure Elvish.

    Votes: 35 29.4%

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Any suggestions for a drow name? I'm playing a drow wizard on the surface. I was thinking something along the lines with "Eru" meaning in ancient elvish "He that is alone" with an idea of "moriquenda" also old elvish for dark elves (from tolkien). Any good names?

Names I like are Arak, Rizzen, etc but I wanted somethign not already used.


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Hmm.... tell me what he's like.

Well, drow use their own seperate language, so I don't know If I can help you there.

Arakh would mean Noble/Royal duty.
Eru actually refers to Corellon, the One,.....so I don't think that this would fit a drow.:D

By something that hasn't been used before, would you mean something completely original?


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Thanks Angcuru! Downloaded the dictionary now. I have the appendices in the back of Return of the King for phonological information, which seems very similar to the list you posted in this thread, but I don't have the Silmarillion. Is there more detailed information in there?

I'm trying to do a "proper" linguistic analysis of Tel'Mithrim, but it isn't working that well yet. Thank God for the phrase book, it has actual sentences in it. Well, noun phrases mostly. ;)

I've also found a bunch of articles on Quenya linguistics which are interesting me greatly.


I've been doing a bit of research myself (becuase I need my names by tomorrow, and I was curious anyway). The following names are pure Quenya (tolkien's elf-language, and what most people mean when they say "Elven" as a language.)

Melmedil - Devoted to love

Vanessedil - Devoted to beauty

Devoted to both love and beauty would be a mouthful. Something like


None of these names imply an elven woman. But if you assume the names are elven and traditionally female, it works. I don't know of any languages that actually include what your name's gender is in the actual name, probably for the above mentioned length reasons. For instance, my name, Zachary, means "loved by God" in Hebrew (well, Zacharias does, which is where my name comes from). Everyone knows it's a male name, however.

If you're really bent on it, though, "quendi" means elven woman, though, so you could add that to the begining if you wanted! :)

The -dil ending is a common elven ending for Tolkien's elves' names, and means "friend of" or "devoted to." Examples are Elendil (friend of the stars) or Glorfindel (not sure what his means).
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Silver Phoenix(or fire bird) Blade - Dulinaurcelebhyanda

Mind of the Stars - can't get this one

The Last who Lingered (family name) - can't find the words for this one either, sorry

Forgotten Exiles (sub-race name) - Poldoren'edemade

Elven Woman Devoted to Love and Beauty - Edanmaiedhel Melmearvanessedil
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I have just made an elven rogue and i want somehting like this, listthem all so I can choose one

Lady of Pain --

Star Stealer --

Swift Strike --

Thanks Angcuru, in advance, i know this thread would do me good on my favorites...


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Thanks angcuru, but I don't think I wll keep any of them...
Let me try again...

Seductive Lady

Mistress of the Wild

Flower of the Jungle

Storm Whisper

Night Wave


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Seductive Lady - no can do

Mistress of the Wild - no can do

Flower of the Jungle - Lote tel' merka

Storm Whisper - no can do YET AGAIN

Night Wave - Valnadome

"Those who dare, win" - Sen ya verya, caela lakilea.


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Thanks again, I will keep the night wave one, valnadome, now I need a last name...

How about this:

Lost Wood

Deep wood

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