EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")

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I love it when these threads pop up. Let's see...

Liquide, what kind of bonus do you get to intimidate checks? You look pretty intense there...

Malessa, you play D&D? Wait a minute, your husband converted you to the game, didn't he? That explains it.

Tallarn, you remind me of a person I almost met at a party I never went to. Actually, Drawmack's post reminds me of a line from Fletch. "I thought that spleen belonged to my dead brother." Something to that effect.

Oh, and to be fair (and keep this game alive) here I be, my work picture. That's not my shirt.

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well, if drew is gonna break with the "head shot" theme and post a promo, so am i...


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Liquide... you are now my campaign's villian. You look just like I envisioned him... feel free to be honored or offended, your choice.

Also, you could also look a bit like the Patrician, Vetinari, from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. With some work, you could have the "carnivorous flamingo" look going on :D

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