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EN World Sponsors the Millennium Falcons: The Southampton Guild of Roleplayers

I (as in EN World) will be sponsoring a brand new tabletop roleplaying games club right here in the heart of sunny Southampton, UK. The club opens this evening for the first time (Wednesday, July 19th) at 6pm and will run every Wednesday evening. If you're in the Southampton area and are looking to join a new game, this is an ideal opportunity. There will be games of all stripes, from D&D to to the latest indie games.

Welcome to The Millennium Falcons: The Southampton Guild of Roleplayers - the brand new tabletop roleplaying club based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK!
All tabletop games are welcome - from old stalwarts like Dungeons & Dragons and RuneQuest to IndieGames and the fresh faced game you've just received from Kickstarter!
We meet every Wednesday at The Millennium Third Age Centre Third Age Centre at 11 Cranbury Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0LH from 6.30pm until 10pm (games start at 7pm).

The first session for new members is FREE and subsequent sessions are £3.50 for non-members, £2.50 for members. Membership is £10 for a year.

Every attendee receives a complimentary raffle ticket each week (with GMs receiving an additional ticket of a different colour) for a prize draw that will take place at the first meeting of every month with RPG rulebooks or accessories up for grabs!

Refreshments will be available to buy on site (soft & hot drinks, light snacks) but you're more than welcome to bring your own - just tidy up afterwards!

So please come along, grab your dice (if your game uses dice!) join the discussion, and join us for some adventures...


Announcement from the club's organisers follows...


EN World (http://www.enworld.org) - the premier site for RPG News & Reviews - is sponsoring Millennium Falcons: The Southampton Guild of Roleplayers!!!

The site which not only carries an array of tabletop RPG orientated columns, reviews and previews also hosts one of the worlds most active RPG forums and are behind the leading Industry Awards 'The ENnies' which are announced at a ceremony at Gen Con in the States (voting is currently taking place on this years nominations for a few more days... http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2017/ ) and also publish an array of games through their publishing arm EN Publishing.

Russ Morrissey
, the owner of all things EN, will also be attending the club and we may see a few surprise playtests of some up and coming products (such as the forthcoming Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD RPG) over the coming months.

EN Worlds sponsorship is allowing us to not only offer free attendance for an attendees first meeting but helps us subsidize the rent of the venue each month.

Many thanks to Russ for the support!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Pretty cool Russ. Wish I was on that side of the pond.

I miss the days of gaming clubs. Nowadays its just cramped game stores* and whatever league rpg play-not my thing- and rpgs are usually an afterthought. Its mostly card and warhammer/minis play.

*and the stores/employees are often, but not always, dismal/NSFLGS


Well, that was fun
Staff member
That was awesome. About 30 people turned up to the opening night of the club. Four games were being run - D&D, Cthulu, Star Wars, and WOIN. Great night!

Thanks for sponsoring the event Russ. It was a good turnout for mid-week and a first event. Hopefully we'll be able to build on the success of event 1 and have may more weeks of fun gaming.

I was particularly impressed by the quality of my players in the Pulp Cthulhu game. Good gamers all and some of them with very little current experience.


First Post
Just to say thanks again for the sponsorship, I was fortunate enough to win 'Starfinder' which I look forward to playing/running at some point :)

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