EN5ider #263 - Intriguing Organizations: The Stone Path

EN5ider is traveling across time today with the Stone Path! For a comparatively small sum you too can travel to the distant future—as long as you don’t mind making the trip as a statue!

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  • #263. Intriguing Organizations: The Stone Path. The Stone Path are a group shrouded in secrecy. Its members and adherents travel across time through the use of petrification, finding creatures and magics that can ‘preserve’ them by turning their flesh to stone and employing adventurers to bring people back to the world of the living at a specific moment in the future. This manipulation of fate is not without its costs however, and those that have used the group's services one too many times begin to change...By Will Gawned; illustrated by Tamara Cvetkovic.
  • #262. Bullet Wounds and Battle Scars. Hit points are a one-dimensional resource and most damage types appear the same to players. This article introduces Vitality as a separate health-related resource with optional rules for how to make some damage types—like acid or damage from firearms—feel unique, threatening, and ultimately more engaging to make combats as satisfying as they can be! By David Adams; illustrated by Marcel Budde.
  • #261. Enchanted Trinkets: Relics of a Lost Age. A collection of a dozen odd items that harbor hints of fallen kingdoms. These items might be as simple as common items made of exotic materials, to slightly magical items or devices of complex clockwork artifice beyond the known technology. By David Adams; illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • #260. Villain Spotlight: Glamdrellyxxana the Gold. A gold dragon druid under the influence of an ancient curse, Glamdrellyxxana believes the only way to ensure that the world remains ‘good’ is to destroy all humanoid life. From her lair in a mountain lake she's amassed an army of plant creatures to sweep down across the world and cleanse it of the blight from meddling civilizations destined to bring ruin with their advancement, yet the dragon often feels melancholy about the need to destroy so many living things. Glamdrellyxxana is resigned to this course of action however, convinced by fell visions of an industrialized future—and distracted by mind-altering plants when the guilt becomes too much to bear. By Will Gawned; illustrated by Júlio Rocha.
  • #259. ZEITGEIST #6 (Part 1): Revelations from the Mouth of a Mad Man. It's the end of the month which means the latest installment in the ZEITGEIST adventure path! This week we cracking into module #6 where the heroes deal with civil unrest in Beran, face off against king-bred tyrannosaurs and worse at the end of an obstacle course labyrinth, and prepare the proverbial stage for the appearance of the much wanted gnome Tinker.
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