EN5ider #264 & #265: Tiger Eyes Mini-Adventure & Zeitgeist #6 - Revelations of a Mad Man (Part 2)

We’ve got a double dose of adventure this week at EN5ider! In addition to the usual dose of the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path there’s a new type of article with Tiger Eyesa supplemental mini-adventure built for inclusion into an already on-going campaign!

What’s been happening at EN5ider:

  • #265. ZEITGEIST #6 - Revelations from the Mouth of a Mad Man: Part 2. In this module for the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path the party have to contend with the Obscurati, compete with other adventurers to allow for the Cantabrilla Railroad's construction to continue, deal with violent Cheshimox zealots, duel monsters for the respect of orc sea captains, track down and eradicate a deadly disease, hunt down dangerous insects worshiped by goblins, face off against a bevy of duplicants, and if you can believe it even more!
  • #264. Mini-Adventure: Tiger Eyes. This module is built to supplement an existing campaign, incorporating a catfolk hunter that mistakes one of the adventurers as her prey. Any party of four to five PCs between 5th and 7th level are in good stead to overcome Nebiri's many traps—and reap the rewards of helping her complete her quest, tracking and taking down the true target. By Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Claudio Pozas; maps by Mik Holmes.
  • #263. Intriguing Organizations: The Stone Path. The Stone Path are a group shrouded in secrecy. Its members and adherents travel across time through the use of petrification, finding creatures and magics that can ‘preserve’ them by turning their flesh to stone and employing adventurers to bring people back to the world of the living at a specific moment in the future. This manipulation of fate is not without its costs however, and those that have used the group's services one too many times begin to change...By Will Gawned; illustrated by Tamara Cvetkovic.
  • #262. Bullet Wounds and Battle Scars. Hit points are a one-dimensional resource and most damage types appear the same to players. This article introduces Vitality as a separate health-related resource with optional rules for how to make some damage types—like acid or damage from firearms—feel unique, threatening, and ultimately more engaging to make combats as satisfying as they can be! By David Adams; illustrated by Marcel Budde.
  • #261. Enchanted Trinkets: Relics of a Lost Age. These 8 new magic items might be as simple as common goods made of exotic materials, to slightly magical items, or devices of complex clockwork artifice beyond the boundaries of modern technology—what unites them is that each hints at fallen kingdoms of days past. This 6th entry in the Enchanted Trinkets series provides minor, flavorful rewards GMs won't regret handing out to the party! By David Adams; illustrated by Phil Stone.
Mike Myler