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D&D 5E EN5ider #296 - Technomancy Gremlins

Today's EN5ider article offers 13 unique items that aren't quite enchanted trinkets or proper magic items—they're in between the two and have their own dramatic flair. Whether you're in need of a reliable barber on the go, a way to perfectly memorialize a moment, or just to find your way there are now some very flavorful options in store thanks to these Technomancy Gremlins!

en5ider 296 snapshot.JPG

Lately on EN5ider:
  • #296. Technomancy Gremlins. Veteran EN5ider designer Andrew Engelbrite has penned another article of fabulous magic items, but this time they're not enchanted trinkets—instead each are innocuous objects of a different sort, powered by curious little gremlins that love nothing more than to perform the specific tasks they've been conjured for! There are a total of 13 different such items within ranging from the simple gremlin direction finder MK2 and timekeeper gremlin deluxe to the dicier slap-cut-chop-mince-dicinator and image-capturing premium gremlin. Illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #295. Mini-Adventure: Desert on the Road. This short sidequest (designed for 4-6 PCs of 5th-9th level) can be placed in any campaign not currently set in an arid location. The adventurers find the climate becoming unusually hot during a journey, to the point that plants are dying around them. As they continue the normal landscape suddenly turns harsh, dry, and hot, and they encounter a few random fire elementals. At the center of this strange desert is a tower taken over by creatures adhered to flame: an incursion of salamanders, led here by a magical experiment gone awry that left open a portal to the Plane of Fire. The party fights their way to the top before confronting a stream of fiery warriors, only closing the planar gate with the help of a small group of azer—provided they aren't burned alive first! Designed by Cole Grandel, illustrated by Savage Mojo, and using cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • #294. ZEITGEIST #8 - Diaspora: Part 2. In this 32 page second act of ZEITGEIST #8: Diaspora the party recovers an artifact to let Kasvarina recollect over five centuries of memories from across the world, and they too bear witness to the memory-events! For GMs that aren't using the adventure path yet the PDF includes 16 (SIXTEEN!) NPCs and monsters: a Vigil Chaplain (CR 9), Vigil Vindicator (CR 5), the Godhand Commander Aulus Atticus (CR 14), weretiger Bramblehome Hunters (CR 7) and Shamans (CR 9), the weretiger raja Betronga Sidhon (CR 14), Coaltongue Flame Demon (CR 12), the undead Tragedy (CR 12), Golden Legionnaire (CR 7), Golden Legion Commander (CR 12), Bleak Ambush Golem (CR 10), Zombie Horde (CR 12), Clergy Armsman (CR 5), Elfalvar Levy Soldier (CR 6), Pemperbot (CR 13), and the dwarven cleric Serafima/Grandis (CR 7). Plus there are 6 maps!
  • #293. Enchanted Trinkets: Something for Everyone. This article details class-specific enchanted trinkets in the same vein as A Present for Every Class (which had an issue for Warriors and Spellcasters), making sure there's something for everyone whether that's the barbarian's victory cord, bard's miraculous ring, cleric's devoted diadem, druid's leafy greaves, fighter's splendid sheathe, mage's magnificent cape, monk's combat bracers, paladin's minor relic, ranger's sacred locket, rogue's brass knuckles, sorcerer's exceptional boots, warlock's glittering gemstone, warrior's battle belt, or wizard's remarkable gloves! Written by Mike Myler; illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • #292. Mini-Adventure: Cult of the Rat God. This mini-adventure for 4-5 characters of 3rd level is a fun twist on an old gaming trope: the barkeep with a rat problem. In this scenario however the tavern owner is the source of his own problems, the unintended consequences of a misguided ploy to attract adventurers to his establishment gone awry, and now things have gotten terribly out of hand! Written by Jacob Gobhar, illustrated by Savage Mojo, and uses the cartography of Dyson Logos.

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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

Mike Myler

Advanced Fifth Edition: https://www.levelup5e.com/
Have you thought about if arcanepunk or magic technology could create anything like a homopolar generator or Faraday's disk then a motor added to a war wagon and cause the end of the chavalry?

Or fleshshaper powers or biopunk magic could create machines with living tissues, the living version of necromantic machines? I suggest the name Haruspex for this necromancers' cousins.

I have--one of my old 3.5-era PCs was a very sensibly-minded wizard (named George) who's entire thing was making a proper war wagon. I don't think EN5ider has an article like that yet though, and pitches are open right now so if you (or anyone reading this) want to get onto the call list and send in something for consideration please get at me with your email address. :D


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