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5E EN5ider #298 - Villain Spotlight: Rosie Arkwright

There are only a few days before Halloween and EN5ider has a creepy entry today that's sure to bring a bit of terror to your game. Should Rosie herself not make the cut, her and a few of her fellow ragdoll friends⁠—their grim needles glinting in the darkness, blood-soaked strings swinging with drops of crimson—are certain to do the job.

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • #298. Villain Spotlight: Rosie Arkwright. Halloween is later this week and to help spookify your games we've got an unassuming horror to titillate, captivate, and eviscerate adventurers: the undead ragdoll Rosie Arkwright. Despite her small size she is durable, deadly, and able to create legions of creatures like herself, vastly outnumbering victims before swarming upon them with mystical needle and thread used to sew up mouths, eyes, and lives! Brilliantly penned by Andrew Engelbrite with a wonderful illustration by Xanditz.
  • #297. Monster Salvaging. Get the adventurers rooting about in cadavers after a battle ends in search of monster reagents they can transform into items that enhance spells, help concoct virulent poisons or useful potions, and even replicate the abilities of the creatures they've slain. Written by Michael Ohl; illustrated by Herman Lau.
  • #296. Technomancy Gremlins. Veteran EN5ider designer Andrew Engelbrite has penned another article of fabulous magic items, but this time they're not enchanted trinkets—instead each are innocuous objects of a different sort, powered by curious little gremlins that love nothing more than to perform the specific tasks they've been conjured for! There are a total of 13 different such items within ranging from the simple gremlin direction finder MK2 and timekeeper gremlin deluxe to the dicier slap-cut-chop-mince-dicinator and image-capturing premium gremlin. Illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #295. Mini-Adventure: Desert on the Road. This short sidequest (designed for 4-6 PCs of 5th-9th level) can be placed in any campaign not currently set in an arid location. The adventurers find the climate becoming unusually hot during a journey, to the point that plants are dying around them. As they continue the normal landscape suddenly turns harsh, dry, and hot, and they encounter a few random fire elementals. At the center of this strange desert is a tower taken over by creatures adhered to flame: an incursion of salamanders, led here by a magical experiment gone awry that left open a portal to the Plane of Fire. The party fights their way to the top before confronting a stream of fiery warriors, only closing the planar gate with the help of a small group of azer—provided they aren't burned alive first! Designed by Cole Grandel, illustrated by Savage Mojo, and using cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • #294. ZEITGEIST #8 - Diaspora: Part 2. In this 32 page second act of ZEITGEIST #8: Diaspora the party recovers an artifact to let Kasvarina recollect over five centuries of memories from across the world, and they too bear witness to the memory-events! For GMs that aren't using the adventure path yet the PDF includes 16 (SIXTEEN!) NPCs and monsters: a Vigil Chaplain (CR 9), Vigil Vindicator (CR 5), the Godhand Commander Aulus Atticus (CR 14), weretiger Bramblehome Hunters (CR 7) and Shamans (CR 9), the weretiger raja Betronga Sidhon (CR 14), Coaltongue Flame Demon (CR 12), the undead Tragedy (CR 12), Golden Legionnaire (CR 7), Golden Legion Commander (CR 12), Bleak Ambush Golem (CR 10), Zombie Horde (CR 12), Clergy Armsman (CR 5), Elfalvar Levy Soldier (CR 6), Pemperbot (CR 13), and the dwarven cleric Serafima/Grandis (CR 7). Plus there are 6 maps!
Mike Myler

Mike Myler

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