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5E EN5ider #336 - Villain Spotlight: Vengar the Reader

At EN5ider we know our goblins, so when a goblin necromancer makes it into an article it's a sure bet that you'll also see some exploding undead and zombies popping out of bigger zombies!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 336. Villain Spotlight: Vengar the Reader. Goblins are known for many thingsā€”reading is not typically on that list, but it's not like Vengar is a typical goblin. Once a trapfinder for the Chokeleaf tribe, this errant necromancer went entirely off the deep end after selfishly stealing an ancient tome to fulfill his ambitions of power. The cursed book has sucked away his vitality and now Vengar travels from tribe to tribe posing as a shaman, utilizing everything he can to acquire more magics able to extend his piteous life before the dark entities he's pledges his soul to come calling for his debt. In addition to his statistics (CR 5), Vengar has access to a variety of enhanced undead that explode, ignite, poison, become conduits of deathly energies, and even hide other monsters inside their bodies. Designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Renan Moraes.
  • 335. Enchanted Trinkets: Arcane Atlases. Sometimes knowing where you're going just doesn't cut it because after all, journeys are often only half of a quest. That's where these wondrous maps make their mark. The atlas of the lost keeps track of the things you've erroneously discarded along the way, a social map is certain to show its value after carousing starts and you forget where the next tavern is located, and surely being able to quickly find a healer thanks to a caduceus chart is a boonā€”one that might well mean the difference between life and death! Find these among the 10 unique enchanted trinkets on offer here, and get yourself a few maps worth keeping in your pack. Designed by Andrew Engelbrite and illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 334. Multiclass Feats. Sometimes you want to play an adventurer that's more than a stalwart warrior, deft vagabond, or potent spellcaster. It can be good fun to explore concepts that mean a few levels in one class and then a few more in another. The Fifth Edition rules are unfortunately not quite up to the task when it comes to keeping such a character as viable as their purely fighter, wizard, or cleric counterpartsā€”until now. With these 12 feats in hand (all of which are only available starting at 7th level) a variety of combinations become far more worthwhile to pursue throughout a campaign, whether you're a doubly-obliged paladin and warlock, a ranger with a touch of bard, a studious wizardly monk, or one of many other amalgamations! Designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 333. Mini-Adventure: Fungal Bums. The adventurers destroy an infestation of strange mushroom creatures but days later one of the PCs develops an odd sickness impervious to traditional cures. Within weeks mushrooms sprout from the afflicted's back, and far stranger, the sporecaps speak. The 'umamish' claim to be helpful symbiotic fungus, merely hoping to hitch a ride until they reach maturityā€”and their host feels stronger, more resilient, better than ever before. However the umamish are anything but benevolent, slowly gaining control of the PC's mind and releasing more spores to infect others. To be cured the party needs to track down a recluse rumored to know the cure for these unwanted fungal stowaways! This supplementary adventure for 4ā€“5 PCs is best used in an ongoing campaign (introduced at 3rd level and ending by 6th level) but can be contained into a shorter quest for 6th level PCs. Cunningly designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Jeffrey Chen, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 332. ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind: Part 3. This is the crunchiest part of ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind and includes the full breadth of rules and monsters a GM will need to run the rest of the module! That begins with the fundamental changes to the mechanics of reality following the Obscurati ritual and is followed by a host of creatures: the Ash Wolf (fey titan CR 25), smoldering wolf (CR 10), Beshela the Archfey of the Sea (CR 14), the Father of Thunder (fey titan CR 25), Granny Allswell (fey titan CR 25), corrupted earth spirit (CR 15), Asrabey Varal the Archfey of Obedience (CR 17), Porteur de Mort revelation sniper (CR 13), Porteur de Mort murderer (CR 13), Porteur de Mort alchemist (CR 13), Obscurati master builder (CR 15), Obscurati divinist (CR 14), Danoran frigate crew (CR 15), Danoran boarding squad (CR 11), and finally Sovereign Han Jierre (CR 20).

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