D&D 5E EN5ider #344 - Changes of Zhou

Divination magic: one of the most essential but uninspiring aspects of the game. This issue of EN5ider means to buck that trend however, embracing a form of fortune telling that's been in practice here on Earth for more than 3 millennia.

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  • 344. Changes of Zhou. The next time the adventurers cast augury or otherwise make use of divination magic you can do more than simply provide an answer—now you can give them a reading! This 8 page article includes a type of Chinese cleromancy that dates back to the Zhou dynasty (which started more than a millennium before 0 AD), tables for interpreting and understanding the trigrams and hexagrams at the core of this system for telling the future, and an NPC suitable for doling out prophetic information. Written in the recent past by Phil Harmon, illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • 343. Spells: Herculean Incantations. Tell me friend: do you tire of seeing braggadocio knights impress with feats of strength? Running afoul of too many tavern fights with lumbering brutes? Well friend your troubles are over! With this suite of over a dozen brawny spells you'll more than make your mark with magical might that's sure to inspire all within sight! Take the fight against a foe into a coliseum for two with Ahlmeik's arena, send potential paramours head over heels with a bit of flex, make yourself as strong as you'll feel with gigantify, and put enemies down with your powerful blows after unleashing the rage of the meek. It is a true certainty that with these at your disposal you need suffer ridicule for your frailty no longer! Solidly designed by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Dana Braga.
  • 342. ZEITGEIST #11: Gorged on Ruins - Part 2. In this second installment of ZEITGEIST #11 the PCs encounter the Vsadni (five ancient Lost Riders now transformed into powerful icy titans by the Voice of Rot) and take their fight to Grandis Komanov—most likely with blades but possibly with words instead. Then it's on to a debate truly deific in both its nature and impact: the gods themselves are put on trial in Alais Primos. This module includes 3 maps and one statblock (the Bhad Ryzhavdut Militia), but stay tuned for next month's ZEITGEIST as this adventure finishes with an appendix that is essentially a high-level monster manual all on its own (featuring no less than 40 creatures every GM ought to have in their playbook!)
  • 341. Intriguing Organizations: Hands of Contrition. Adventurers almost reflexively destroy undead on sight—but they best be wary for there are a rare few that rise up above their nature, seeking to redeem their corrupted souls and serve rather than slay the living. These unique undead are members of the Hands of Contrition, creatures that strive to redeem themselves in their post-mortal existence and help the world at large. Although only ever gathering in small groups their influence spreads far whether they defend the innocent, bolster a community's resources, or saving the victims of catastrophes before survivors perish. Includes the Mummified Guardian (CR 7), restore soul (a 5th-level enchantment), and the Hand creature template. Dutifully designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Mark Bulahao.
  • 340. Enchanted Trinkets: Plumed Panoply. We've done quite a few Enchanted Trinkets articles but none quite like this one: a full set of magic attire! If your adventurer is the kind that cares about fashion there will be no higher calling than acquiring every piece in this set, from the duck call necklace all the way to a pair of penguin boots. Any that manage to get all 11 of these magic items unlocks a special power too, though doing so—while resisting the urge to break any of them for their more potent effects—is a tall order indeed. Thoughtfully designed by James Abendroth, illustrated by Phil Stone.

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