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D&D 5E EN5ider #361 - Mini-Adventure: Sword Village

Today EN5ider is asking that eternal question: what about that gigantic 300-foot tall sword in the middle of your village?

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 361. Mini-Adventure: Sword Village. People know of the quaint town of Cedar Hollow because of the massive sword sunk into the ground nearby, a weapon that towers hundreds of feet in the air. For two centuries now it has loomed over the settlement without incident but now something is awry—rumors abound of angry spirits, endangered livestock, and unnatural noises haunting it. Can the adventurers solve the recent mysteries surrounding the gigantic blade, or will whatever curse or treachery around it reach fruition? This classic mini-adventure for 4–5 PCs of 5th–9th level was dutifully designed by Jim Mills, illustrated by Alba Palacio, and uses cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 360. Enchanted Trinkets: Gamemaster's Toolbox. This entry in the Enchanted Trinkets series brings 15 new magic items to the game both of the common and uncommon varieties, all with a fun flavorful mechanic and a way to expend the magic within for a more potent effect. Try on some ghostly boots to tread quieter and then drain their enchantment to vanish from sight for a time, use a melodious quill to slightly improve your performances and snap it in half to really bring the house down, or become the party's pack animal by wearing some stout greaves that you can ruin to amplify your speed for a short period of time. Rest assured you will definitely get some use out of this set of enchanted gear! Dutifully designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Sade.
  • 359. Puzzle: Dandolo's Cryptic Box. Dandolo’s Cryptic Box is a puzzle opened by setting the right combination on four rings with pictograms or pictographic language. GMs can place a small item inside (such as a magic ring or a key to a dungeon's final treasure chest), or even a key piece of information crucial to the campaign. Each of the four rings has an accompanying riddle or clue to pursue—including a snazzy handout for players—to decode and find the correct pictograph. While all of these can occur at once, it's best to make finding them side quests of their own, creating an extended puzzle to gnaw at the imaginations of adventurers between sessions. It's not spooky but by golly this article is intriguing. Enigmatically designed by Phill Harmon, illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 358. Enchanted Trinkets: Occult Knicknacks. Halloween is nearly upon us and to satisfy those demons and devils soon to walk among mortals we have a second article of magic items for this month! Although not as grisly as the Reaper's Crop, this set of thirteen enchanted trinkets has many things that are up the same unearthly alley—witness the carver of a stone at work by using the ancestral chisel, hide your trail with a cat's paw brush, look into and share your own dreams with the dreamscrying bowl, predict the weather with a storm sight veil, or bring a sense of wonder by playing the twinkling harp to throw the stars up above your performance. Eerily designed by Joseph Colman, illustrated by Sade.
  • 357. ZEITGEIST #12: The Grinding Gears of Heaven - Part 2. Sailing above the dying worlds of the Gyre, the party seeks the power to save their own. In this part of the module the adventurers soar above over two dozen distinct worlds, stopping along the way to recharge their ship's levitationals and fight the Golden Legion army of devils, gargantuan undead space arachnid called vaknids, the savants of Shabboath, the carnivorous mandala of Thrag, Hunlow pirates, insectile guardians of the Hive Queen, and other craft plying the Gyre! Includes three maps: Motes of Gold, Egalitrix (the fortress of the Golden Legion), and Egalitrix Legion Command.

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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

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