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D&D 5E EN5ider #380 - Enchanted Trinkets: Magic in the Stacks

This Enchanted Trinkets issue of EN5ider is perfect for mages of all kinds! Make the most out of the study of magic with these 11 superlative magic items tailored for the pursuit of the arcane.

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 380. Enchanted Trinkets: Magic in the Stacks. Dive deep enough into your local arcane library and you're bound to find more than dusty books and old scrolls—mages enchant all kinds of things to assist their studies. Peruse the volumes of any atheneum more efficiently with the help of an archivist's candle, protect your favorite tome with a bookwyrm, never let your pen run dry by using an endless inkwell, and avail yourself of the 8 other magic items listed in this studious issue in the Enchanted Trinkets series to make the most of your time performing arcane research (and sometimes adventuring too). Delicately designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Dana Braga.
  • 379. Villain Spotlight: The Tooth Man. Teeth. We all have them (or did, at one point) and they require care and upkeep to remain healthy, generally provided by a responsible and well-educated dentist. That's what Gil Hendak does—he's a man who spends his time helping people—but there's more to his travels across the countryside, visiting villages to relieve the aches and pains of people throughout the region. Gil keeps every tooth he removes, and with each extraction the fey lord to which he's become indebted approaches ever closer to their grisly goal! Dementedly designed by Joseph Colman, illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • 378. Spells: Striking Magic. After the popularity of Spells for Punching back in August we're taking a second swing at spells for more melee action! Inside of this issue are 16 spells all about weapons—hide them as other objects with concealed weapon, transform a skull into a flail from beyond, send foes flying with launching smite, don't let an enemy escape by sticking them with a mystical harpoon, and more! These bits of gladiatorial-type magic are the deft designs of Peter Martin, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 377. ZEITGEIST #13 - Avatar of Revolution: Part 3. The end of the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path is upon us! This final PDF includes a staggering 36 different high-level NPCs and creatures ranging from series favorites like the Ash Wolf to the master antagonist Nicodemus, elite ship crews, and even a dragon mage. In addition to this absolute trove of material for tier 4 play, there are also several handouts to help GMs make the epic climax of this ZEITGEIST campaign truly reach up into the stars.
  • 376. Mini-Adventure: Devils in the Details. This short adventurous foray for 4–5 PCs of 4th level revolves around the exploration of Mephidra’s curio shop, the aptly named Coffin’s Curios. Suspicious of her diabolist mother's dealings, when Ifeeri Coffin inherits the store she finds outside help to double check its contents and make certain that there's no unexpected infernal troubles awaiting her. GMs should take note: a blunt approach can see adventurers through this module, but canny players might be able to navigate the shop’s dangers and complete the scenario without resorting to violence! Diabolically designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Rafael Benjamin, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 375. Enchanted Trinkets: Souvenirs from Home. Everybody likes a powerful enchanted blade taken from a slain foe or something special found at the end of an arduous trek down into the depths of a dungeon, but sometimes the best and most memorable magic items simply mean something more—your aunt's favorite wooden spoon, a bag that turns any food into cheese, that old shirt you refuse to throw away. These curious curios and more are what awaits you in this article featuring a total of 16 of our best Enchanted Trinkets yet! Sentimentally designed by Nicole Sparks, illustrated by Xanditz.

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