D&D 5E EN5ider #387 - Intriguing Organizations: Vagabond's Kitchen

Here's hoping you're hungry today because EN5ider has quite the tasty offering—a traveling master chef with a demand for only the most unique ingredients!

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  • 387. Intriguing Organizations: Vagabond's Kitchen. As adventurers go about slaying dragons or even upending the machinations of deific beings, so too is the bar of excellence raised for epicureans and gourmands—and that's where the Vagabond's Kitchen shines. Its halfling head chef (the famous Argo Moray) travels the world seeking new and exciting ingredients, preparing new meals every day that defy expectations both in their succulence and rarity. Empresses, kings, and even gods seek out this traveling caravan for the unique offerings prepared by its leader and staff, many of which are as peculiar as the food they serve. Deliciously designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • 386. Dangerous Scenario: Tricksy Riddles Three. On an ancient bridge that stands far above a raging river, a troll named Bumbus and a cyclops named Hooble stand collecting tolls from travelers unfortunate enough to run into them. Instead of demanding currency the duo ask a series of complicated riddles and smash to bits anyone who answers wrongly or refuses to play their game. Only a select few have been allowed to pass unharmed—when it's the adventurers turn, should they fail as well the combat becomes far more dire as the deadly brawl causes the bridge beneath them to crumble and fall apart! Dangerously designed by J. D. Mills, illustrated by Indi Martin, and feature cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 385. Enchanted Trinkets: Spoils of War. Raiding monsters are nothing new but their loot doesn't always have to be what they've taken from their most recent victims. Sometimes monstrous creatures have treasures all their own! Spice up that sahuagin encounter with a magic item destroying maw of the shark god, put the drop on an enemy with a portable kobold pit, make it easier to charm a creature by giving it your pristine harpy feather—each of these 11 enchanted trinkets are perfect for adding a little depth to a wide variety of encounters. Dastardly designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 384. To Stake A Vampire: Part 1. The Holdenshire Chronicles continue in To Slay A Dragon's sanguine sequel! Knighted following their triumph over the dread red dragon Cirothe, the adventurers enjoy a short reprieve before a dismal winter grips the countryside and the people around them become more despondent and angrier with every passing day. The region begins to suffer the effects of dreadful and ancient curses put into motion when the party were last in Deepcrest Chasm, unknowingly unleashing the primordial vampire lord Nemirtvi. In this first act the PCs undertake two quests: discovering the grisly corruption of foodstuffs in the towns, and then delving into the tomb of Hugo Weightman where they learn of heroes from long ago (the Order of Light). This adventure for 4 PCs of 7th level includes: three new traps, the amulet of the spectral grove, fiendish dire boar (CR 3), commoner swarm (CR 2), vampiric dire bear (CR 10), Penner the Pigfarmer (CR 6), and a cursed ghost (CR 11).
  • 383. Masterclass Archetypes: Tradecraft. There's a suite of fantastic character classes here on EN5ider and today's issue brings greater depth to three of them with new class archetypes for sneaky savant field agents, subtle noble spymasters, and observant watcher tinkerers (drone included). Blend seamlessly into new communities, direct your allies with silent efficiency, and rain down death from above via your clockwork companions! Masterfully designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Júlio Cesar Oliveira Rocha.

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