D&D 5E EN5ider #471 - Dangerous Scenarios: Brickbeaks

This issue of EN5ider is the gust that rocks the tapping branch against your window, the chill that runs up your spine. It is the winged scourge that pecks upon your nightmares. This is BRICKBEAKS!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 471. Dangerous Scenarios: Brickbeaks. The party’s travels are interrupted by people in disarray outside the Ducking Shoe Inn. These villagers from Treecrest are in a panic, eager to find help dealing with overgrown avians the sheriff has allowed to run rampant leading to chaos and death. Finding and dispatching of these beasts won’t be a simple matter however—brickbeaks are stealthy amongst the marsh and deadly foes. Duckedly designed by Marc Kenobi, illustrated by Rafael Benjamin, featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 470. Items: Queue Branch. Espionage and the gathering of intelligence has existed in one form or another since the dawn of recorded history. Nations, guilds, and other organizations employ agents and operatives to gain useful intelligence and to accomplish their tasks they use a variety of tools—often easily hidden, mundane, and cunning tools. Presented here are 8 items employed for espionage ranging from the simple yet crucial adamantine saw or boot knife to the complex agent's saddle, gloomsight lantern and goggles, and special ammunition for putting that extra kick into a crossbow bolt. Discreetly designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Hannah Seakins.
  • 469. Adventure: Drawing Monk. One of the most promising monks from the Monastery of the Sun has twisted their martial discipline to terrible effect, and in his wake he leaves not only murder but death itself. With every life taken the traitor's power grows—and if not stopped soon he will bring ruin to a city that might well make him truly unstoppable! This adventure for 3–5 PCs of 6th level was diligently designed by Tyler Lee, featuring illustration by Deanna Roberds and cartography by Meshon Cantrill.
  • 468. Monstrous Menagerie: Oddlings of the Quendrian Wood. There are consequences when wild magic is left undisturbed and the Quendrian Wood is a fine example of a place altered by unfettered arcana. While traveling in this enchanting forest beware the bloatfrog (CR 1/2) for there may be a far deadlier bloatfrog swarm (CR 8) to follow it, and watch out too for the grasp of daggerthorn sweetvines (CR 5) or the spitting of mud-covered mucklings (CR 3). Most importantly if there are nogonogu (CR 1/4) about check the supplies—usually they remain unseen until their mischief is done. Decisively designed by Joanna DeLaune, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 467. Against Archetypes. It's time to play an adventurer that reaches beyond the scope of the bolstering bard, leaf loving druid, and disciplined monk—contained herein are archetypes perfect for such a foray! The College of Misery teaches how to heckle foes and allies alike. Similarly unlike their peers, druids in the Circle of Corruption embrace the powers of aberrations, monstrosities, and oozes as they spread pestilence across the land. So too are irreverent monks different, their martial gifts a thing more akin to sorcery and as unique as their connection to life itself! Disruptively designed by Rachel Williamson, illustrated by Fabian Parente.

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