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[EN5ider #64] Priests of Misfortune

New for EN5ider patrons and your 5E games! Fate and luck are double-edged swords. Deities from ancient cultures - the Aztecs, Egyptians, Greeks, and Welsh - were rightfully wary of the gods of misfortune. This article from Dan Head introduces the god of ill-fortune, Jinx, one of the triumvirate which also includes Fate and Fortuna. Also described is the misfortunate domain, information on clerics of Jinx, and new magic items such as the No-Headed Coin. Illustrated by Sade. Become a patron now, and get immediate access to all 64 5th Edition articles and adventures so far!

Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Comments made over on Patreon, but thought I would briefly repeat here. Another quality article. The subclass is thematic and fun. The accompanying material is great. I love the new goddess Jinx, though I would not have aligned the text of the subclass with her directly (in case other deities/forces are used in other worlds/settings).

I also think that the Channel Divinity feature should not be allowed to repeated until after a long rest or somesuch.

Looking forward to accompanying articles: fortune in general and good luck :)


First Post
Thank you so much.

I decided to go all-in on Jinx with the write-up just as a way of showing how one might flavor a goddess of misfortune without actually turning her and her followers evil. That approach is not immediately obvious, after all. However, I feel good saying that most D&D players could reflavor anything here to suit their needs.

We were talking about doing an article on the Knights of Karma, who want you to accept your fate & like it. However, if there really is demand for write-ups to accompany Fate & Fortuna, I'm SURE that James will see them satisfied.


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Awesome. The no-headed coin is maybe my favorite magic items since the immovable rod. Just reading the description gave me a half dozen awesome ideas for it - especially in the hands of a recurring villain my PCs don't yet realize is a villain.

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