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Patreon EN5ider Contributor Josh Gentry Launches Patreon


Josh Gentry - Author, Minister in Training
Hey guys,

I write articles to help fifth edition fantasy RPG players tell the stories they want to tell. My resume includes articles published via EN World EN5ider, Dungeon Master's Guild, and DriveThruRPG. I write about what inspires me, and I hope in turn to inspire players and GMs to tell even grander tales adventure.

Fantasy roleplaying is not as complex or even as niche as most people think; most people just need the right invitation to give it a try. My Patreon fundraiser is aimed to help invite latent storytellers to this grand hobby. Furthermore, all rules content of these articles are published through the Open Gaming Licence. The OGL helps grow our hobby by opening it up for use by producers and fans.

As always, all my self-published OGL products are completely free and open! Players can download them for free, and designers can build off my Open Gaming content via the OGL. This Patreon campaign helps me continue producing! If you like what you see, follow me on Twitter and please consider saying thanks by becoming a backer—every little bit is a huge help!

Patrons not only get faster access to my content, but they also get a say in what I release next!

My self-published OGL articles so far:
- Arcane Warrior Spells
- Advanced Races: Vampire
- Classic Classes: Magus (Now available for FREE on DTRPG!)
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