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5E EN5ider reaches a new milestone with #300 - Mini-Adventure: The Titan Gates!

This is EN5ider's 300th ARTICLE! Thank you, wonderful patrons, for helping us reach this seminal milestone. To mark the event we've got an extra compatible, extra-mapped, extra awesome issue you definitely need to check out: The Titan Gates mini-adventure!

en5ider 300 snapshot.JPG

Lately on EN5ider:
  • #300. Mini-Adventure: The Titan Gates. To commemorate achieving 300 articles we've got an excellent extra special mini-adventure for today: a module that's meant for 11th-12th level play but with a little modification can be used anywhere from 3rd to 16th level. This has not one or two but THREE different maps as PCs face off against giants with portals in their chests, the mystical gateways dragging the adventurers into the dangerous challenges of the Titan Gate Gladiators—those that survive are enshrined in history as champions and gain powerful allies, as well as the ability to rapidly traverse parts of the world thanks to their hard-fought allies. Brilliantly designed by EN5ider luminary Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Kevin Shea; maps from Dyson Logos.
  • #299. ZEITGEIST 8 - Diaspora: Part 3. With their next destination revealed the PCs must begin their plans to reach the ghost city of Methia, located deep in enemy territory, and they will need to properly plan their method of insertion and extraction from the Danoran-held city. To succeed the adventurers must journey across a dead magic field, sneak past an army, unleash a colossus, temporarily wind back time 5 years, face the villain Nicodemus, and escape capture along the way! For GMs not already using this adventure path, this PDF includes TWENTY (!) creatures and NPCs to add to your gaming toolbox.
  • #298. Villain Spotlight: Rosie Arkwright. Halloween is later this week and to help spookify your games we've got an unassuming horror to titillate, captivate, and eviscerate adventurers: the undead ragdoll Rosie Arkwright. Despite her small size she is durable, deadly, and able to create legions of creatures like herself, vastly outnumbering victims before swarming upon them with mystical needle and thread used to sew up mouths, eyes, and lives! Brilliantly penned by Andrew Engelbrite with a wonderful illustration by Xanditz.
  • #297. Monster Salvaging. Get the adventurers rooting about in cadavers after a battle ends in search of monster reagents they can transform into items that enhance spells, help concoct virulent poisons or useful potions, and even replicate the abilities of the creatures they've slain. Written by Michael Ohl; illustrated by Herman Lau.
  • #296. Technomancy Gremlins. Veteran EN5ider designer Andrew Engelbrite has penned another article of fabulous magic items, but this time they're not enchanted trinkets—instead each are innocuous objects of a different sort, powered by curious little gremlins that love nothing more than to perform the specific tasks they've been conjured for! There are a total of 13 different such items within ranging from the simple gremlin direction finder MK2 and timekeeper gremlin deluxe to the dicier slap-cut-chop-mince-dicinator and image-capturing premium gremlin. Illustrated by Rachel Maduro.

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