Encounters with the Supernatural

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This is my favorite thread of all time. I think it needs to be resurrected...I'd also like to hear from some of our newer members on what THEIR paranormal experiences have been. Anyway, this thread is a great read...especially the black-eyed children, and the door thudder. If you haven't read through this one yet, I suggest you do so.


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I've had all kinds of strange encounters. Strange happenings under bridges where a man hung himself. Me almost getting hit by a car when I went to a neighbors house to destroy a Ouija board. A strange owl ornament staring at me. Prophetic dreams. Bringing in TV reception by just raising my hand and not getting up from my couch.

But the most strangest event to happen in my life so far was when I had a really strong sense of Deja Vu.

It was at the MWL Dining Center here at ISU. I was eating with some friends. One had brought a book about "Life Questions." It had questions like "If you had one day left to live, what would you do?" and "If you knew your friend had one day to live, what would you say to him or her?" Stuff like that.

I was glancing through this when everything just seemed to "stop" for a split second. I looked up and stared off into space. I felt like I was "stepped outside of myself" and was somebody "else"--perhaps another version of myself. Somebody seemed to ask "Is he where he is supposed to be?" This "other version" of me said, "Yes he is."

At that point, I came back to reality, but had a very strong premonition that something major was going to happen. That night I didn't sleep well. This event really disturbed me. I was worried but I didn't know why.

The First Words I heard the following morning was roommate saying "Wake up!! Wake Up!!! The World Trade Center is GONE!!!"

You can interpret my story however you want. I still don't know what to think of it.


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well here's my two cents.

while i was still in college i had to drive my mother to the hospital, because the family friend had been admitted there sometime earlier. it was serious, but i didn't know how serious it was.
while i was driving to college (30 miles away). i had this image-sentence flash through my head.

"Maxie is going down the green road." a euthanism for dying.

i found out that at that exact same time, maxie had died.

freaked me out. still does to this day.

i suppose it's a form of esp no? but still scary.


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I'll just repeat what I said in this thread last year. Ouija boards are bad.

And street lamps still turn off when I walk past. :cool:


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Man, this thread is just sweet...might as well add to it.

When I was a kid, I lived on a farm in northern Ontario. Every year or so one of the farmers in the area would loose a cow. The only trace would be some extreamly large feline footprints in the pasture; no blood, no hint of violence, just the footprints. This had been going on for years.
On another farm a few years later, my dad was woken up by hideous howling coming from the backyard. Being just a little lacking in the common sense department, he went to investigate armed only with a flashlight. He's not sure what he saw, but he claimed that it was the size of a large dog and had glowing red eyes. It really shook him up and it was quite some time before he'd let us go outside after dark.
Finally, I've got really good instincts when it comes to troublemakers. Now I don't mean the obvious ones, I mean the folks you wouldn't look twice at. When I was working in stores I could tell you who was a thief just by looking at them. These days I generally find myself in the middle of a fight just before the fists start flying. The bouncers at the clubs I frequent have learned to watch me and follow my lead. And yes I have seen Unbreakable.
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Kesh said:
I'll just repeat what I said in this thread last year. Ouija boards are bad.

And street lamps still turn off when I walk past. :cool:

man.... every gamer knows ouija boards and pyschics do NOT mix. Especially untrained psychics and i bet you dime to a dollar that most of those bad experiences were with people who were latently gifted or marginally gifted.

don't people watch horror movies now and again? i mean... just because....

errr.... ranting.

will stop now.

goes to take a valium....
:D :confused:


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Originally posted by Andrew D. Gable
Only overtly (and even this isn't) supernatural thing that ever happened to me was once, about 7 years back now, when I woke up suddenly around 3:00 AM (for some reason, I often wake up about 3:00 AM, but that's another tale) experiencing the whole sleep paralysis deal. I saw a human figure, completely pitch black with no features (rather like a DnD shadow) standing in one corner of my room, near my closet. It just stood motionless, looking out my window, and then vanished after a few moments.

Wow, almost verbatum for me (more like 12 years ago) whats up with 3 AM any way, thats when it got me.

Sheesh! When unpleasant (seemingly) supernatural things happen at home, it is ALWAYS between midnight and 3 AM. I had a very unpleasant experience once (of course between midnight and 3 AM), but hell, as I am reading this thread in the middle of the night (a bad idea!), I won't write it down.


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I have always half-believed in supernatural things. Hey - I play D&D *laugh*

However, I am also a rational person - easy to dismiss strange things on "coincidence" or "being tired"...

In 2001, I finally made an experience that confirmed my believe that there are things out there that mathemathics cannot describe:

I have battled a ghost and I won!!!

Now the long story. I have met a girl - a very sad girl, very beautiful and very lovely. It didn't take very long for us to fall in love. Her mother had died a few days before we met. Her mother had hated her - done everything possible to make her feel miserable, basically imprisoned her until she was 18, also subjugated her father who is such a kind and nice lovely man. By what I've been told her mother must have been evil and I'd say her early death was maybe God's relieve to her kin...

The first night I've slept over at my new girlfirend's was probably the worst night I've ever had. I've been struck by panic attacks several time, sometimes seeing things move just on the corner of my eye. It was horrible. I didn't catch any sleep at all. Now, I've never ever had these kinds of "imaginations" in my life before - not even as a boy!

I thought - maybe I had a bad day. Things happen. However, they happened again every night I would sleep over at my girlfriend's. As it happened the second time I no longer believed in coincidence. The ghost of her mother just would not allow my girlfriend to become happy....

But if this wasn't strange engough - things would turn worse. As night falls, huge birds of prey would be looking inside from outside of the large glass windows of my gf's living room with yellow glowing eyes - even scaring her almost to death. When taking a smoke on the balcony I was stung by a wasp twice, bitten by a spider once (That is: within 2 1/2 Month). So far, these were the only times in my live when I was stung by wasps or bitten by a spider... All three stingings occured at dusk...

I have been trained in the martial arts since age 7. Apart from physical training, martial arts trainees of my style (Kung Jung Mu Sul Hap Ki Do) learn mental discipline such as meditation. At youth our grandmaster always told us, if we had trouble coming to meditation "imagine" a waterfall. To combat the panic attacks at night I meditated visualizing a dense, light green jungle with a small - just about man sized waterfall and a very lazy tiger doing nothing all day but laying there and lazily rolling on his back and letting the warm sun shine on its belly or taking a refreshing bath in the small pond below the waterfall - afterwards shaking off his pelt so hard that the birds in the sourrounding jungle would fly off as the water hit them.

Of course, the tiger in there was a symbol of myself.

After two and a half months - early in november - the haunting stopped. Ever since then I slept peacefully at her house until we seaparated after 14 months of happiness together...


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Ok, this is freaky enough that I have to add it to the thread. I've just been sitting here catching up on this thread for the past half hour or so. My suitemate (I'm in a college dorm) walked in a minute ago and asked me what I was reading. I told him it was basically a collection of peoples' supernatural experiences. He laughed, made a dismissive comment, and walked out. Well, I'm sitting here with Winamp on random play, and White Zombie's Super-Charger Heaven started up as he was walking out. In case you aren't familiar with the song, it starts with a sample from The Haunting ("Look, I know the supernatural isn't something that's supposed to happen, but it does happen."). Well, immediately after that, the music's supposed to start, but... nothing. I checked Winamp and it's on pause (I sure didn't do that), and more than that, clicking the play button doesn't do anything at all. I'm now officially VERY freaked out.


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I've thought long about posting whether I should.
Maybe I shouldn't have...
Maybe some other people shouldn't have...
Maybe some things you better take to the grave without telling...

I stand by my assertion that nothing supernatural exists.

Except God.

*knocks on wood*

P.S., what the hell does 'knock on wood' mean, and where does it come from?


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This is one creepy thread... I love it... Dave-O, you'll think I'm mad, but I'm a little jealous. My experiences are pretty tame compared to yours.

I was at my girlfriend's dorm in Michigan (MSU, West Akers Hall), and it was night time. I looked out the window, because I was sitting at her desk on her laptop, and this cat was just... hovering outside the window and staring inside malevelontly. It was grinning widely, and its teeth were longer than normal. It looked almost shark-like... I just told it to leave, and it did so (I find that I can often do that).

My sister (who has these experiences a lot) was sitting in the living room of my house with a friend she had over. Suddenly, her friend just stared off into nowhere, focussing on this one spot that seemed empty. My sister ran to get me, and pulled me in there. Apparently, my sister's friend had seen this tall being with red glowing eyes. Its head brushed the ceiling, she said. It left before I showed up.

I was sitting in there the night before the above incident with my sister and her friend, and my sister suddenly just stared behind me for a moment. She said that something was calling my name. Moments later, I stood up to walk around the room, and she told me to stop. She just stared past me. She said there was a maggot-covered woman behind me who was reaching for me. I stepped away, and looked back, but she vanished just as I looked at her (and saw her, faintly). I had my back turned to my sister and her friend at that moment, and they both just gasped and looked at my back. A trail of claw marks had appeared running down the center of my back. My sister still sees that woman from time to time.

My old house, a trailer out in the middle of nowhere, was seriously haunted. Everyone would always see this small shadow dart from what used to be my sister's room into the bathroom across the hall. One night, my sister roused me from slumber and pulled me into her room. She pointed out of the door, into the kitchen (the dining room, living room, and kitchen were all part of the same large room, partitioned off with little walls) and we both froze. This woman was floating, glowing a soft white, in front of the sink and staring out the window. A second after we both saw her, she vanished. Apparently, that woman visited my sister a lot. She was a Catholic mother of the boy whose shadow everyone saw when he would run from the closet in my sister's room into the bathroom across the hallway. She was always mean to my sister. There was also a meek little girl there that my sister always saw.

I went out to that house with a couple of friends last Samhain. The three of us are pagan (I'm almost Enochian, while the other two are Wiccan/Druidic types), and we were going to perform a ritual in honor of the dead. We set up our things and called the circle, and all was going pretty well. Soon, however, this shape started prowling around the outside of the circle (If you don't understand what a circle is, I'll explain. A circle is a protective measure that one is supposed to call before a ritual. It focuses the user's energy, and it also holds forces and beings that would interfere with the ritual at bay. They can be called in a variety of ways, and it's often enough to just visualize one around you if you're alone). It was a dark, feline shape, almost like a panther. Soon, it just left. A veritable swarm of other shapes surrounded us soon after, though, and as we were beginning to end the ritual, a fog sprang up around us. It didn't enter the circle, which was odd, and it wasn't smoke; we weren't burning anything that would leave smoke, only rubbing alcohol. I looked past them, and this dark blot showed up starkly against some of the trees in the distance. It wasn't a shadow, because the rest of the trees showed up clearly. This one man-sized blot, however, was just... nonexistent, it seemed. The ground across to that point swarmed with shapes, though. It was almost like an army of spirits. Shortly after that, we closed the circle, grabbed the stuff, and ran for our female Wiccan's car (she's the one who suggested we come out here). The fog chased us all the way down the driveway.

She and her boyfriend took me out to that old place again last Tuesday. This time, things were much calmer, but the woman who haunted the place did come out, as she did at Samhain, to watch us. When she pulled out her Tarot cards, with the expectation of taking one for each of the three of us, an extra one simply fell off of the top of the deck. We took that to mean that the woman from the house wanted a reading, too. We did as she wished, reading each of ours first; hers gave further instructions to us. She wanted to be free. So we basically exorcised her, giving her freedom to move on to her next life or to wherever it was she wished to go. The creepiest thing about the whole ritual was that there was always SOMETHING crawling around in the tall grass behind me, and to my left and right. Whatever it was growled once, but it became apparent that there were at least two when the grass to my left rustled just before the grass to my right did. It may not have been anything supernatural at all; it could have been a small group of possums or dogs, but it was still a freaky experience.

There are others, but I cannot remember them at the moment. I'll see if I can think of them later.


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Majin said:
Waking up - I can do it but it simply takes a lot of willpower and "pushing" through the pressure of opening my eyes. When I wake up my heart is still racing like crazy and I'm slightly out of breath but I never see anything in my room at all. No shadows on the wall or anything.

I've experienced something like this. I'm in a pseudo-sleep like state where I often 'see' my current sleeping place (I mean I always know where I am) but there's something threatening next to me (different things - for example once a drill sergeant when I was in the army. Good it wasn't true since when I shook the effect off I kicked into the direction where I though he was :)). I can't move, and only after a lot of trying I can shake it off. In this paralyzed state I know that I'm really asleep and that I need to wake up, start moving again, but I never realize that the threat is in the dream only (that is, I think I need to wake up to confront the threat, and not only to move again). Then I wake up, can move again and realize that there's nothing there.

It hasn't happened for a while though, and I suppose there isn't much paranormal in it, or anything dangerous. It usually happens during daytime napping, and only once during the night IIRC.


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I experienced a life-saving dream.

First, some background. During high school, a close friend killed himself.

Fast forward some years to college. Its a rough period in my life, and I decide that suicide was a viable option. Washing down a handful of sleeping pills with some wine, I lay down to die.

I drifted off and dreamt that I saw this friend, dressed in his funerary clothes, and carrying a softball bat - one of those nice aluminum ones - standing in the corner of the room.

I was thrilled! So I greeted him and he advanced and proceeded to beat on me with the ball bat until I woke up. On waking up, I called the local emergency center who told me to stay awake for some time, and eventually what I took would leave my system.

To this day, I am thankful for his timely appearence. I know my wife and son are.


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RangerWickett said:
I stand by my assertion that nothing supernatural exists.

Except God.

*knocks on wood*

P.S., what the hell does 'knock on wood' mean, and where does it come from?
For your question: Clicky.


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I forgot my own preja vu experiences. I often catch myself in the middle of a conversation remembering dreams I've had that match entire conversations exactly. I predict to myself the exact words that people will reply with, and even the expressions on their faces. "Now, William will say, 'But you have to look at it this way. It's not as simple as that,' and grin widely before turning to whisper something I don't hear to the girl beside him."

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