Encounters with the Supernatural


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Okay--4 generations. I was confused. My apologies. Still, neat stuff (although I am sorry that they apparently don't age like movie stars).

This just seems like it'd make a great plot-point in Dark*Matter game somewhere...

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The_Universe said:
Okay--4 generations. I was confused. My apologies. Still, neat stuff (although I am sorry that they apparently don't age like movie stars).

This just seems like it'd make a great plot-point in Dark*Matter game somewhere...
Actually, for a 40 year old woman, Talba is pretty darn good looking. I keep it to myself right now but hey, if I'm with Brooke in 23 years and she looks like her mom(well, maybe a wee bit thinner; which isn't a problem for Brooke she watches what she eats, as opposed to her mom who married a professional chef. But only a wee bit.), I'll be a happy camper. :D
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Deja Vu all over again...

The Goblin King said:
Deja Vu is wierd for me too. Is there any scientific explanation for deja vu? I often experience it however I have always dismissed it.
Discover magazine had a good piece on deja vu a few years back. The explanation - theoretical, like all explanations for the phenomena - was that when the brain is storing and shaping a new memory it sometimes 'misfires' and confuses the new, short term memory with a long term one. Essentially, as you're experiencing something you're constantly building a new short term memory that is stored and accessed immediately - but in the case of deja vu, your brain is saying that you're accessing an old memory, not a brand spanking new one.

For more info, this is pretty interesting and seems similar to what I had read before: http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/bb/neuro/neuro98/202s98-paper2/Johnson2.html.

A little off topic, but I once had a conversation with a neurologist (friend of a friend) who described the human neurological state as 'constantly failing and recovering'. I was a little taken aback by the statement, but he asserted that the stresses and emotional complexes and chemical interactions that we moderns put upon our systems are simply outside of the brain's original specification. I'm still not sure how true this is, but given the wonderful diversity of neurological failings so many humans have, I can't discount it entirely.


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I somehow missed this thread until now. It is amazing the number of people who have had brushes with the supernatural or unusual.

My life is full of psychic happenings - so much so that I could post pages of stuff I have experienced.

When I was in my teens (I'm 48 now), a metaphysical society came to town and beside doing some lectures and exhibit stuff, they did some ESP/PK tests. Curious, I undertook the tests and was told that I score high in the ESP/Precognition and usually high in the Psychokinesis (PK) tests.

I've played D&D for nearly 30 yrs. I have noticed that I have an uncanny (one person even went so far as to say 'unsettling') knack for controlling the dice or predicting what the dice will roll.

People who I have played with have noted this. My 'dice control' is such that I have been accused on more than one occasion of cheating or using loaded dice, only to prove to the accuser that the dice are normal and that cheating is impossible (like affecting their dice that they roll for me!). I consistently warp normal probablity statistics. I've even demonstrated my ability to seemly control the dice or predict the outcome to dozens of people over the years.

Several months ago, I was asked to demonstrate my uncanny ability to influence the dice to a group of people who I was playing a pickup game with and had noted that I (openly and witnessed by players beside me) rolled 2-3 times the number of natural 20s of the rest of the group combined. I spoke about my 'gift' with the dice and someone proposed a challenge - roll two d10s and have the numbers match each other (ie. roll a 3 on both dice). I don't know normal probability for that is, but I did it 7 times out of 25 rolls (rolling both dice counts as 1 roll) - a fact which amazed the on-lookers.

The ability is tied to my well-being - emotionally, mentally and physically. If I am stressed out, overly tired or feeling ill, I can't do it at all.

When I was in my 20s, there was a little demonstration that I did. I would hold my palms several inches above their palms. Then I would concentrate. About 75% of those I did this with would described a feeling of cold on one palm and a sensation of heat on the other. Interestingly enough, which hand felt the cold and which felt the heat was dependent on the sex of the person I demonstrated upon. Some women (I am male) reported the most intense experiences - the cold was almost like holding on to an icecube and the heat was almost a burning sensation. I had one woman actually claim I 'burned' her. In all cases, I don't tell the person what they might feel, to avoid the phenomeon of 'suggestion'.

A few people reported a sensation like crawling ants over their bodies; or a sensation of nausea or vertigo. I stopped doing this when the last person I did this to (a woman) fell unconcious - a event totally unexpected and which frightened me. The woman took a few minutes to recover and when she recovered enough to recount what had happened, she stated that she felt an intense 'electrical' shock and felt very light headed before everything went black. Needless to say, I don't do that demonstration anymore.

People joke about hauling me off to Vegas for the weekend and camping at the craps table.... :heh:

edit: after checking my journal, I reported an number in error. Damn swiss cheese memory
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Xath said:
6) Once when playing Cities and Knights of Catan, a friend of mine was dealt a yellow action card and I told him what it was before he looked at it. For the rest of that game, I was able to choose which cards would be most beneficial for people to steal from one another, and which cards the player didn't want to be stolen from them. At first, my friends were annoyed and then intrigued by the accuracy.

Back when I played Magic, I'd often know what card I was drawing. I distinctly remember, in an Emperor game, someone putting down a nasty enchantment, and I said "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." Next draw, a Disenchant card.

That was the other thing...I noticed that the longer I kept a deck together, the better it worked. Like, it got better over time. If I took it apart and then built the exact same deck, it wouldn't work nearly as well. I speculated to my Tarot-wielding friend that, maybe the decks had been alive, or had bonded to me in some way. Of course, that's really weird and out there.


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