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Encounters with the Supernatural


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Ok a little more. My wife has "spider sense" Pretty often she will put her hand out and catch something before it falls, before it starts to fall. Or avoid a car accident. She says she can see it a split second before it happens.
Same thing with myself. It's called good reflexes. ;)

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This is a rad thread!

I have quite a few, one way similar to Andrew D. Gable's:

1. When I was around three I was sitting on my springy horse, outside, in the back of our house. My sister, eighteen at the time, was out back watching me, and went around front to get our mail. I looked over my shoulder at the back door to the house, and standing in it was a seven foot tall shadow, for lack of a better term. It was man-shaped, and completely black, almost like an abyss. Being, y'know, three - I freaked, and it promptly vanished.

2. In my place, now, pretty often I hear tapping on my windows, followed by giggling. Obviously way malicious. :D But, interestingly enough, two younger girls are buried in a family cemetary (not mine) around a hundred yards from my house.

3. More creepily, sometimes, though rarely, something runs across my backyard and slams into my back door. It sounds huge, like a full-grown person throwing themselves against my back door.

One UFO siting here.

I was on a plane flight from I think Texas to Arizona, and it was like in the middle of the night, I woke up because it was pretty cold and the person sitting next to me was gone. I had the window seat and I looked out into the side and I watched the sky for a bit, and I noticed a couple flashes of light on the ground, followed by a falling star. I was like, wow, I'm glad I was up to see this-but then it (the star, or what I thought was) stopped in midair. I remember it hung there for a few seconds-multicolored lights flashing about, then it went in one direction in a short burst, stopped, and then continued onward in little, quick bursts. I don't think it was a dream, since I remember how cold the window felt as I pressed my hand against it, and how I wrote down everything I could remember in the dark in one of my notebooks (Including the time, etc...)

It may have been a dream, but from what I can remember, it wasn't (Edit-Reason being, right before I saw the 'UFO' I looked to my side to see the person gone, and while I was getting out my notebook to write down the stuff the person came back).
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Have had one UFO sighting, back when I was about 8 or 9, by brother, cousin, and I were sitting on the back steps of the house one night. We were talking and star gazing, and one of us pointed out a red flashing light moving low across the sky. We used to see plenty of airplanes come over back then (we lived just a few miles from a small, country airport), but helicopters were rare around there, and it was low and slow enough we figured that's what it must be. We sat and talked a little while longer as it got closer and closer, then all of a sudden it shot straight up into the air and disappeared. The three of us looked at one another, jumped up and ran into the house scared out of our wits to tell our folks. Needless to say, it was a long time before we sat out back star gazing again. :)

My only ghost stories are the creepy feelings I get everytime I sit and read message threads like this at this time of the evening :)


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Andrew D. Gable said:
Only overtly (and even this isn't) supernatural thing that ever happened to me was once, about 7 years back now, when I woke up suddenly around 3:00 AM (for some reason, I often wake up about 3:00 AM, but that's another tale) experiencing the whole sleep paralysis deal. I saw a human figure, completely pitch black with no features (rather like a DnD shadow) standing in one corner of my room, near my closet. It just stood motionless, looking out my window, and then vanished after a few moments.

Wow, almost verbatum for me (more like 12 years ago) whats up with 3 AM any way, thats when it got me.

My other is i was once feeling fairly ill and trying to force myself to sleep. I thought i had succeded and woken up, so i got out of bed (thought 'how odd, where did the colors go') and went to talk to my wife who was in the living room watching tv. Our cat was acting unusually skittish around me and my SO looked like a pure white light. I panicked and jumped right through the wall and landed back in my body in bed. My fever had broke and she confermed only that the cat was acting strange.


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OK, I've got two of them(most of my weird occurences have something to do with freaky chicks):

1) I have really bad deja vu. So bad that I can sometimes repeat FluidDragon's wife's feat of catching things as they fall because I already knew it was going to happen; unfortunately I can never manage to remember anything around Angcuru or those guys so they've never seen it happen.

2) The Target store that I used to work at(probably getting fired soon after calling a former sex-partner a bitch and telling her I'd smack the taste out of her mouth :D) is haunted; not surprising, considering that it's built over an old asylum that they closed down, demolished, and paved. Chains in the back(for the door to the compactor) swing when there's no breeze, monitors go into red fuzz(which I've never seen and which we can't capture on tape; security has tried to get it on tape, but so far hasn't succeeded in the 6 years the store's been there), and lights flicker on and off like someone's walking up and down the aisles(we have automatic lights that go on when you walk into an aisle and are supposed to turn off after someone leaves the aisle); this last one is so disconcerting that some of the employees(mostly the women, although more than a few "big tough men" too, although they aren't as open about it) refuse to go into the backroom alone.


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Hey blackshirt,

That's the target store in menlo right?

live about a mile away.

anyway that i'd recognize you?

-- oops, forgot to add to the discussion.

My Father and I had a period of 'lost time' that was verified by about 25 people. We went camping/white water rafting, we left from a relatives house much later than everyone else, it was night. I was reading a book, and for some reason was getting no where in it(continually having to restart paragraphs/pages). Anyway, when we arrived at the campsite everyone was up and rather nervous about our whereabouts, see it took us over 5 hours to make the trip, it took everyone else about 30 minutes. We hit no traffic, and made no wrong turns.

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*A quick copy/paste/edit from an earlier thread: [OT] What Scares You?
Originally posted by: orbitalfreak (that's me!)
I did have a bad experience with another member of the spirit world, though. ... I apologize, but I can't bring myself to go too deep into detail, but suffice to say that I was "attacked" (I guess you could call it that) by a ghostly being, who passed a part of itself through ... my heart, and caused me to experience the most bone-chilling cold I have ever felt. To this day, I feel its presence inside of me, a lancing pain in the part of my heart that it touched. [That ghost] is the only thing that I have ever been truly afraid of.

*We've also had a ghost haunt our house before, but it "move out" several years ago. We would see it glide up and down the halls, but it never bothered anyone or anything.

*Chalk up another one for precognitive abilities. I, like a few others have mentioned here, have intense bouts of Deja Vu every now and then. I'll be going about my activities as usual, and suddenly I'll feel like I've been doing (whatever it is) before. After a few seconds of what feels like living the moment for a second time, I'll get accustomed to the feeling; at these times, not only do I feel like I've done "it" before, but I know what's going to happen in the immediate future.

As such, I've been able to predict the course of a conversation, and know exactly the words that would be spoken in the next five or so seconds. I've sat in my chair at dinner and mouthed conversations between my parents with unerring accuracy at times. On a few occasions, I've responded to a question before it was asked, when the asker gave no preamble to the question. Or, I've switched the topic of conversation to another subject when I knew someone else was just about to do the same thing (interrupting them before they began to speak, as it were). I've also had more than my fair share of "catching the glass before it falls" moments.

*My mother and I share a brain wave-length, it seems. I know that when you are close to your parents, friends, lovers, whatever, that you get used to them and do things like complete each others sentences and such. With my mother, though, we will usually have a "brain-wave sharing" incident about three to five times a day, sometimes on obscure subjects. I guess this could be rolled into the Deja Vu thing above.

*Prophetic Dreams
You know the old saying, "Dreams can come true"? Unfortunately, that saying is sometimes right in my case. I've had dozens of incidents where I've dreamt about an event before it happened, though these events are usually not of any importance. I remember this ability starting when I was 14 years old, in 9th grade (1997). I had a dream in which I met for the first time two young, beautiful girls. The dream stayed with me when I woke, and the feeling of "Meeting" was prominent; the identities of the girls were immaterial to the dream. That morning, we had a new student in school (a rare event, in our rural area), who was female and quite attractive.

I dreamt once of a ring of shining white gold, set with a 1/4 carat diamond, with smaller diamons channel-set in the band. That was the entire dream, the ring set against a black background. The next day, my best friend announced that her boyfriend had proposed to her. The engagement ring was the exact same one that was in my dream.

On the subject of rings, I also dreamt about someone losing a ring, and the next day my mother found out that the diamond from her wedding band had fallen out. Other incidents have included getting mail that I wasn't expecting on any particular day (like my loan check that I recieved today; dreamt about it last night); I predicted through dream that my aunt would be involved in a vehicle accident; fires, floods, and hurricanes have happened after a dream that related to them; I've even dreamt of a few people passing away, before I heard of their death.

*On the subject of predictions:
My stepfather has predicted the gender of all seven of his neices and nephews, one of which he predicted while overseas and before the mother knew she was pregnant. He also predicted the gender of his child before she was born. Years ago, he had dreamt that he would marry someone named Angela, who had slightly-crooked teeth. My mom's name is Angela, and yes, her teeth are a little out of alignment.

I have a few tales of UFOs as well, but I'll save them for another day; I've rambled long enough.

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