End of campaign salute


Orcus on a bad hair day
Last night was bittersweet. A rousing conclusion of a D&D campaign, with two of our long-time nemesisses (nemesi? nemessen?) working together to overtake the kingdom we have spent so much of the campaign trying to restore, surrounded by fighting armies of orcs and our displaced barbarian friends.

What started as the likely-mad man who claimed to be the King of Pal, a nation no one in current day had heard of, and the merry band of Bronze Bastards, ended with an epic battle to stop the dragon wars of ten thousand years ago from occurring again and wiping out the good dragons and the civilized races against the backdrop the lost kingdom of Pal that helped stand against them once again.

My companions: Fyve, the good goblin and arcane prodigy. Stella, the learned priestess who educated all we met. Juniper, everything a rogue should be and then some, Roland, the master merchant who was also a master of all trades. Varen, the golden-locked half-orc tactician and warmaster. Aelar the Dragon Slayer. Barian Pal, the man who would be king. And all those that traveled with us.

In the end we were victorious, and the Kingdom of Pal is now being restored.

But at the same time it's sad to say goodbye to such an awesome group of characters. It's like reaching the end of a really good book: fulfilling, satisfying, triumphant - but you'll still wish it went on for just a few more chapters so you don't have to take leave of the characters yet.

So, Jillian Briarfoot, fearless halfling bard, Terror of Dragons and High Herald of Pal, and all of your brave companions, I salute you. And the follow players and most especially the DM who gave me so much enjoyment.


or as it was used in telling the tale as per a verse in The Great Balad of Pal: "Excuse me, Nemiseesi, I object to your presence in these lands and intend to thwart your kingdom grabbing grubby little hands"


Orcus on a bad hair day
So when crafting Jillian's personality, I really ran with the halfling's Fearless racial ability - Jillian just didn't have fear. Didn't mean he rushed into things - he was canny and would try and come at things from the best angle, but he never had a doubt they'd win. Amusingly he had the lowest HP and AC in the group, and twice he went from full to unconcious with non-crit attacks against him.

We all started as members of a larger adventuring guild, and the DM had us come up with three rumors about our character that the others had heard before the start of play, two of which were true. One of mine was that I had lead an different team from the guild into such trouble that I was the only survivor.

He was a non-standard bard in a few ways, and not that he didn't seduce anyone. :) He didn't care about his personal fame, and most of the time was making up songs for the aggrandizement first of the adventuring guild (The Golden Dragons - a more fitting name then we knew), then the group itself, then the King and Kingdom of Pal.

At one point we got wiped out by a a blue dragon -- one of our nemesissies (thanks [MENTION=14349]Len[/MENTION]) -- using these legendary artifacts called Dragonstones - one for each color dragon that grew with them since birth and could only be taken by killing the dragon. We later found out he had not just the Blue dragonstone, but also the silver, brass and bronze. Anyway, it was a "planned TPK" because a benefactor intervened and we ended up going to this limbo-like place where we had to face seven trials. One for each party member, focusing on their specifics weaknesses. (Not mechanical, but personal desires.) So we had out own Hero of a Thousand Faces part. Or as I always call it since I say Babylon 5: "If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die."


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Congratulations! It's no small accomplishment to conclude a campaign. I hope that your group celebrates/celebrated the end of the campaign in style.

One group celebrated the end of our campaigns by going out to dinner and recapping the most memorable and funny events of the game. It was a lot of fun--and if another campaign I'm in ever actually ends I'm going to suggest doing the same.


I started a new campaign on top of the last one by having the group meet in a tavern where a bard was signing about the great heroes of old (the last campaign). The new campaign took place 2 generations after the original and the kingdom had fallen into trouble once again but this time from undead or demons- I forgot. I remember that the players who had the original PCs thought it was fitting and cool at the same time.